Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homemade Pizza with Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Mozarella & pizza base

When I woke up this morning, I was on a mission.
To make myself a new winter cream with all those coming-of-age butters- Shea, Pistachio, and some aging oils Walnut, Apricot and dashes of EOs- to smooth skin, keep me warm and up metabolism.

That done, I slathered myself smooth, I began to want more work... serves me right for overdoing the Turmeric- (read about Turmeric & upping metabolism here)

So, I sliced & diced Onions, peppers, Mushrooms

sauteed them all with liberal lashings of extra Virgin olive Oil, salted and peppered them. Cut slices of Mozzarella
Whipped Pizza sauce over pre-heated Pizza base
 Piled the veggies - Red onions, baskets of mushrooms, Red & Yellow Peppers
Cheese slices on top -  This is the other mini - Wait is that enough cheese?
Looks better now
 Forgot the Rosemary, lift the cheese, sprinkle it in. And into the oven we go.....
Whats life without a microwave..
 Cut & Eaten in the next 10 minutes by Me n my family..

Feels like I'm in a Jason Statham movie- boy, that dude moves...
The end.
Maybe part 2 will come up later.

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