Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! Taste and see that the Lord is Good.

As research-oriented people- we look for healthy foods to eat, beautiful clothes to wear, conveniences in life, and everything that says "New and Beautiful".

Tasting or knowing God has become equated with costing too much Time, Money, Effort.
 But it is more like searching for One Wonderful Egg filled with delectable goodies..

One cannot really say what God is like, but what can be said is once He is searched out and  broken into- He has wonderful gifts inside.
Gifts you can drool over, pleasant to the Eye that can see, and honey from the Mouth that can speak.

Gifts of Hope, Confidence, Courage, of Comfort, Love and Contentment. 
and so much more...

Gifts that nourish and replenish and satisfy you.

The most preciously sublime Gifts of Life, the comparison of which is not possible except with the Finest of Wheat and Honey from the Rock and Chocolate...

Probably not earning well, or spending well but the gift of Living Well.
"I have come to give life, and that life abundantly"

This is the taste of God.
A super abundance at the point of your need.
Quit licking the outside and Bite in hard.

Happy Easter.

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