Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunny Subramanian's VeganBeautyReview on 3 of our Serums

Fantastic review for our Anti aging Serums Knock off some years with Holistic Serums
Thank you, Sunny, Really appreciated.

Many thanks, to you too, Aliyah for the comments you shared


On Orchid Anti-Aging Serum  (Now Orchid Facelift Serum)... restore elasticity and work against wrinkles, sagging jowls and laugh lines. I use this serum before I go to bed and I can feel a difference in my skin’s texture when I wake up. My skin feels conditioned and super smooth. I’m a big fan..

On Natural Hairgrow Serum ..I feel a change in my ..scalp .. after only my first application... previous post... hair issues.. falling out, brittle and dry...serum ingredients..used by Indians and Geishas..I’m usually really skeptical about wonder products, but my hair was litterally transformed. It went from fragile, dry and hard to manage to smooth and strong. My hair is as healthy as it was in my youth and I’m soooooo stoked! Many of these serums are available in sample sizes..

Eyelash Lengthener .. allows regular mascara to go on smoothly after application. As far as results go, I feel a subtle difference. My lashes do seem a bit fuller... satisfied with what I’ve seen so far.
 followup review on our Facebook Fanpage
"I know these photos speak for themselves but I would like to personally say that these Holistic Serums are amazing! I especially love the eyelash lengthener! I definitely noticed a difference after using this product for only a week! These products are vegan, completely natural and effective! "

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