Monday, September 5, 2011

A natural Serum for Hyper Pigmentation or dark patches around eyes (100% non chemical)

Dark patches reduced both in area and in intensity. Cleaner & Clearer skin.
A friend of mine was talking to me about his mom "Can you do something for her pigmentation? Its been around quite a few years, and every year the dark patches grow larger."

He told me that it was probably something hereditary coz his mom's siblings had them too, and he expects to be getting them as he gets older.

It seemed to be something that "whitening" creams don't seem to work for and once affected, gets worse progressively. Most affected areas are dark patches around the eye & cheekbones, forehead where sun exposure is maximum

I began a documented treatment as with our other serums.
I treated her with a combination of skin healing, therapeutic carrier and essential oils, tweaked with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal oils, lighter oils, heavier oils to see what would make a difference to these patches of melanin overdose -hyper-pigmentation.
Eventually, as I tweaked the complementary oils, I hit upon a combination that seemed to clear the patches much quicker.

The time between picture 1 and picture 2 was only 4-5 weeks. But the time between picture 2 & 3 was only about 2 weeks.
By the 3rd picture, skin texture was visibly healthier.

Choice of the complementary oils made a major difference to the time of recovery. The quicker benefits with Pomegranate oil when working in synergy, with its large number of antioxidants, made me wonder if it was simply the large number of free radicals (say, in high pollution areas) contributed largely to this problem.

This is one happy mum
"I've had these dark patches especially around the eyes , and right now, I really like the way my skin looks and feels soft and nourished", Mum says, "Everytime I look in the mirror, I see it getting better and better. Thanks a lot"

A few more users were surprised by the results and so this becomes our newest serum "Pigmentation Solution" to acknowledge moms & aunts & uncles & all the older people who make us feel special.
If you're buying a gift, this would sure make someone affected by it smile.

This 100% natural cream does not use any synthetic chemicals, is water-free, petroleum free, fragrance & color-free. It includes Apricot Kernel oil, Avocado fruit oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Beeswax, Niaouli, Myrrh essential oils and always made with love.

US & Worldwide:
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To best suit pigmentation, 
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  1. You could try applying some sandal oil on the area. It is said to tone the skin and clear pigmentation over a period of time. But, it might take a while.

  2. Wow this Is really amazing. Is this only meant for older people or can it be used by people in their late 20s?

  3. Hi Preeti,

    You can use it at any age.
    The earlier you notice pigmentation in skin and take steps to check it, the better it is- as it tends to spread in the areas where sun exposure happens more.
    Right now the research is that sunscreen should be avoided for optimum conversion of Vitamin D, but always use a sunscreen when skin is prone to pigmentation.

  4. Hi. I stumbled across your site as my mum has started developing these dark skin patches around her eyes. I would really like to try the cream you talk about on this page. But when I click your link it shows a pigmentation kit that lists a different set of ingredients. Could you please confirm if it is the same product? And, if so, can you ship to Scotland?


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