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Hair Regrowth Serum -Photographic evidence of progression

Sclap Elixir Concentrate  (prev Natural Hairgrow Serum) is a 12-Oil Synergy of natural oils. 

Ancient Cultures around the world, use specific oils to Strengthen their Hair & Scalp.

We took several international oils, and combined them to make a wonderful natural synergy, which is better than any single one.
They include Hawaian Kukui Nut, Japanese Camelia oil used by the Geisha, South American Abyssinian Oil, Centella Oil from the Indians and other oils.

This Single product is helpful for both Men & Women. This Post shows Client Pics for: Female Alopecia and advanced Male Pattern Baldness

Black hair: Testimonials

Cheree B-D says "am amazed by how soft and silky it can make the hair feel. Right now it's time for me to put a relaxer/perm on my hair and usually it's so hard to manage without one...the (Hairgrow serum) is making it manageable enough where I can comb right through it without any problem.

Shaquana B says  "My mom took off her braids and had a patch, within one week of using, I couldnt see the difference between that patch and the rest of her head"

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How Natural Hairgrow Serum works:
This Serum uses natural properties of the oils which provide nutrients to hair follicles, thus stimulating them. It also may help clearing buildup which could clog pores and block growth.

About Hair growth
Hair has 1.Growth Stage and 2.Dormant stage (non-growth).
At certain age, based on genetic, environmental factors, when individual hair reach Dormant Stage, if the scalp/hair is weak, they stop regrowing naturally.
Hairgrow serum brings back vitality to the scalp and facilitates natural re-growth.

1. Female Alopecia : Treatment Complete
Saritha (name changed), a lady over 40,  came to me with the complaint that excessive pollution has caused a lot of hairloss. Driving a 2-wheeler in Hyderabad's traffic, took its toll on the scalp & hair, much before time.
Her thick, long hair had become thinner, and there was an embarrassing patch on the top of the head for the last 3-4 years. Since she had thick hair, it could still be covered up reasonably well. Her hair lacked bounce and fell flat against the scalp, It was also not growing well since the last haircut.

She started to use Natural Hairgrow Serum on her scalp, and as she was fond of massaging and oiling till the ends of her long hair, she mixed it with some coconut oil and applied it 1-2 times weekly as she found it beneficial.
She used 2 30ml  bottles (for scalp and hair) in 2 months time, and was happy that she regained the natural hairline, Reduced the patch and reduced regular hairloss.
Hair also increased in length, and had added bounce and vitality. It looked visibly healthy.  It was also helpful to reduce gray hair

Case2. Advanced Male-pattern baldness 
 Sam, 60+years of age, had hair loss that started 30+ years ago. There was pronounced bald scalp at the back, and a receding front hairline.
Due to the length of time since patchiness set in, I could not say the patch would be fully covered, but that a reasonable amount of recovery would be possible and would take a larger amount of time. (People who have been losing hair since even 5-6 years would show quick results.)
For this, he was agreeable, and began 2-3 times weekly application of few drops of Natural Hairgrow Serum. Since there was no hair, the 30ml bottle he started on lasted about a year. These pics are after 6months of treatment.

Before- After pics (Feb - Aug 2009) in 6months , back view & side view
  See later Pics below.

In Back View, you can see that bald spot area has reduced considerably. Also hair is looking more healthy. Hair density increased significantly, visible from the side view.

Most cases of recently receding hairlines, small patches, improved in 3-4 months. This case study is a long-term one.

Skin over scalp was smooth when first applied indicating no open pores, Now, Skin over bald portions of scalp is uneven & rough indicating open pores

New pictures will be updated regularly at bottom.

October 09

Regrowth can be seen by looking, but difficult to capture on camera because of low density of hair.
You can see that the back picture shows a smaller circular patch than pics above it, and the side picture shows more hair

February 2010 pics
3 months of not using- slower regrowth, but regrowth did not stop.
Started on 2nd bottle of Natural Hairgrow (30ml).

Comparision of Natural Hairgrow Serum vs Rogaine/Minoxidol (Male pattern) and Propecia (Female Alopecia, etc.)

1) Hair Regrowth is faster
Most hair products require atleast 1-3 months before noticeable change. Natural Hairgrow showed results in as little as 2 weeks and in 4-5 uses in some.

2) Some give "baby hair regrowth" soft, downy hair or vellus is regrown. With Natural Hairgrow, hair is of normal thickness as surrounding hair.

3) Products like Rogaine consist mostly of chemicals Natural Hairgrow is 100% natural oil combination- no synthetic chemicals, additives, fragrances, preservatives, etc.

4)Promotes Longer hair- noticeable in 3-4 uses, even if hair has not been growing for a long time.

5) Regains natural color of hair (not from roots, only on surface- See Video. It is not a dye & leaves no color residue on hands.

6) Reduces hairfall or hair loss, due to varying factors- environmental, hereditary, product buildup, perms, rebonding, coloring, etc

7) Is there a guarantee? No, like all other products. However, it is worth noting that 100% of users showed atleast 2 benefits.

8) Will more hair be lost if I stop use? No, more hair will not be lost.
However, hairloss will go back to its original stage based on age factor, etc. Periodic maintenance of 1-2 times monthly is recommended after attaining improving conditions, based on each individual.

9. How much quantity of Serum will I have to use?
1-2 full size bottles are enough for small amounts of patchiness and for regular maintenance upto 6-8 months.

What it is
A unique combination of 100% natural ingredients from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, TCM & Herbals.
It includes Japanese, South American and Indian natural oils,  oils used by the Geisha for long and luxurious hair and other potent, health-giving oils that benefit hair and scalp from various cultures. This 100% natural oil-based treatment, handmade in USA.

How to Use:
Apply 2-3 times a week, preferably overnight. Take a few precious drops and make contact with all areas of scalp. There is no need to massage in or apply to hair- so that the bottle can be used for longersometimes upto 6+ months.
2 people can use it, with care, for 3-4 months.
A few of our clients have preferred to use it daily, in slightly larger quantities for more rapid results. This is beneficial to jumpstart regrowth, for the first bottle. Once optimal hair regrowth has been reached, the Serum may be used when hairloss is visible again. 


India Pkg
Natural Hairgrow Serum
US Pkg

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