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HyperPigmentation- Risks of Whitening Creams ingredients. Natural Lightening Products

Every color is beautiful.
Every one knows someone who's used a Whitening product at some point of time.
Although this is a controversial topic, closely intertwined with effects on identity, self-image, race, and worse, there is a purely cosmetic appeal to it.

Uneven pigmentation affects most people, regardless of ethnic background or skin color. Skin is either  lighter or darker than normal- blotchy, uneven areas, patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling. Hyperpigmentation occurs because of too much or too little melanin, which creates the color of skin, eyes, and hair shades.

At Holistic Serums, we make a Hyper pigmentation serum using only aromatherapy and ayurved ingredients. None of the chemicals listed below are used.
See Client pics for Hyper pigmentation around eyes and forehead

What are the risks and dangers of Whitening creams?The problem with Whitening Creams, are because of the ingredients that are used in them. Due to popular demand, ingredients that deliver quickly, are cheaper to buy as raw material are gaining popularity.
If you read the ingredients, most of the ones used are these:

Mercury, toxic, banned in most countries (Europe 1976)(USA 1990) because it accumulates on skin and it can have the opposite results long term, that is darkening of skin

Hydroquinone shown to cause leukemia in mice and other animals. Although banned in 2001 by EU, it shows up in bootleg creams in the developing world. OTC drugs in the US contain less than 2% hydroquinone. Most Beauty Salons in India use this, mainly sold in jars with no ingredient list.

Alternative lighteners use natural sources of hydroquinone like Bearberry extract, Mulberry extract which contain arbutin, which can inhibit melanin production, reducing the protective cover of the skin.

Vitamin A, or Retin-A which causes skin-thinning & increased sun-sensitivity with relevant dangers.

Kojic acid, a byproduct of rice fermentation, has current controversial research as being carcinogenic.

Vitamin C has studies that say it helps brighten the skin tone, however this is in concentrations over 5%, which is unlikely to be available in cosmetics.
We have a lot of people asking for Whitening products, and this is what I have to say about our products: We don't believe in skin-lightening  for cosmetic appeal.

Your skin is the perfect, most beautiful, color.
Keeping it even-toned, nourished, reducing effects of Tanning, and the darkening due to age and environment, are more than enough to make it look radiant and vital.

Dress up in flattering Colors - and work what God has given you.

Our products are completely natural, without synthetic chemicals.
They dont cause whitening, but remove tanning, and excess deposits of melanin on skin due to environmental exposure, pollution. Results are clear, radiant skin, that is eventoned.
Many times, due to skin being improperly cared for, the use of our products product Skin that is Lightened by several shades.
The important effect is that of Detoxification, which allows for oxygen to be available to the skin, and which gives a naturally whiter, Radiant effect as skin reflects more light..

Orchid Extract  Serum

This light, smoothing serum can be used under makeup or alone. It is non-comedogenic & hypo-allergenic. Regular use will show clear, radiant skin which is smooth and nourished and lighter. Use a few drops and cover face, neck and hands. Natural lightening occurs due to a smoother skin which reflects light, and healthy radiance. Ingredients: Contains pure Orchid Extract, Seabuckthorn berry and other natural oils

The Beauty Secret Masque is a unique blend of ingredients from Ayurveda which leaves skin Firmer, Youthful looking, Lighter and leaves a glow.
Take a very tiny amount, about 1 tsp, mix with warm water and apply a thin watery paste.
This is a very healing mask and can give the benefits of monthly facials while imparting enzymes, minerals that are present in Dead Sea Clay.

For Hyper -Pigmentation, or small areas of skin that have grown darker due to sun exposure, we have a new product, and the details, along with before and after pics, are on this page
To see the rest of our reviews, testimonials, pictures, click here.

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  1. Hi, I found a few tips to get rid of various skin problems like acne, eczema, rosacea with the help of Sea Buckthorn Oil...Please do have a look on it!

  2. Seabuckthorn is studied and used in Russia to replace cortisone preparations for milder cases of eczema.

    Our synergy, Surestop to Eczema, uses Seabuckthorn berry oil along with other potent healing oils to relieve eczema in 60% cases.
    Made of 95% USDA Organic ingredients and available in Regular, Medium, Strong & Severe.

    Samples at http://www.holisticserums.com/carenew/surestop.shtml


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