Sunday, August 17, 2014

Testimonial Video Grey Hair Darkening with 100% Natural Hairgrow Serum

One of our Kind clients sent a Video to show her experience of grey hair darkening through use of non-dye Natural Hairgrow Serum.
This was split into pics for easier viewing to show gradual, natural, darkening of white hair to light grey to dark grey to black. Client has been using for about 2-3 weeks. 

Actual Client Pics.
Big patch of white hair

Big patch light grey hair, reduced coarseness.
Dark grey hair, diffused patch, fewer light grey streaks

Overall darkening. More diffused patch. light grey streaks.

(Clients using for few months, find change faster. See post and video of Grey hair darkening in Single Use)

See also Case Study Pics of Hair Regrowth

Pictures makes it easy.
Sometimes, Clients find it difficult to ascertain benefits after using Holistic Serums. We strongly recommend you take a picture and compare with a before use picture, even one of a few years ago. Since change is so natural & gradual, it may be difficult to perceive benefits with naked eye, unless one is trained on what to expect.

About Natural Hairgrow Serum
A rejuvenating tonic to scalp and hair, helpful for promoting regrowth, and giving appearance of bounce and strength.
Made with a combination of 100% natural oils from various cultures.
Our largest client base for this product are Black hair clients who deal with patchiness and Relaxer treatments which makes hair brittle and dry. They find this serum very helpful.

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