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The Art of Rejuvenation- Understanding its Relevance for Personal Living

"to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again. : to give new strength or energy to (something)"

Simply put, Rejuvenation is the Art of Reversal of Damage, a thing of high skill & expert knowledge in intangible things.

Ancient cultures have a branch of healing techniques- Ayurved, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Indians, the Incans and many others- guard secret knowledge of Rejuvenation Techniques.
These are the Healers. The Mystical who understand the complex subject of Transcendence that is unusually difficult to translate into words, and hence, left unsaid altogether, or touched very briefly, tangentially.
Rejuvenation may be said to be understood in facets
Lets take an action that releases Rejuvenation:  "Smile & your face will brighten"-
When you Smile, a real happy smile, positive nerve pathways are activated- lowering depression and healing certain types of disease.
When you smile when you don't want to- as a career, say, in the hospitality industry- it is said to cause a lot of stress and set off disease.
Similarly, there are many complex things that heal & rejuvenate but are not understood, only experienced.

Another facet is that-
"Very rare & exclusive natural ingredients release Rejuvenation in the manner in which they are processed together- their utilization is an Art that not all who work with them can gain full rewards - but rather, experienced over years of time."

Thousands of such ingredients are said to be present worldwide, but it becomes necessary that the one who has suffered damage only, will be opened to such knowledge as he/she will only value it.
Since this knowledge touches the Divine, the Creative act, it is acknowledged as a gift, given when the Divine One is sought out for healing, not when healing knowledge is sought out.

The Giver is more important than the Gift.

A Youthful Face and Hair can make you look younger but the wrong attitude, or critical thinking ages a person- when we go through circumstances that causes cynicism, we must not let it take root in us- a cynical 25 yr old feels like a 75 yr old to people who interact with them.

Rejuvenation must take birth in your mind,
to reach out and seek the beneficial,
to speak words of truth,
which is Childlike thinking.
The thoughts of Christ that lead to entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christ says to the disciples who wanted to sit next to Him in heaven- "can you bear my burden here?"
One must not reject bitter experiences when they face us, the benefits they will bring cannot be understood for years later, some times. The tougher the situation is to bear, the huger the benefits. One way or the other. If you reject the experience, you reject the benefit, the lesson, the tolerance, the toughness, the clarity that comes with it.
You must accept that which you cannot change, Change that which you can & be wise enough to understand which is which

Losing bitterness causes Rejuvenation, becoming jaded & unfeeling is not.
Learning to forgive is Rejuvenation, forgetting & moving on is not.

There is so power in a Rejuvenated mind and this will affect your body.
But apart from this,  Rejuvenation Treatments reverse the deterioration of the body, and bring it to optimal levels.

Why Rejuvenate?

Only an extra-ordinary circumstance raises this question - a circumstance that faces you with that choice.
An ordinary lifestyle gives its own answer: 'No Rejuvenation Possible'.

There is an answer in l'Oreal's tagline "because I'm worth it"
Unless you look at your shortcomings, damages, and say, I am worth improving on, Rejuvenation will not happen inside you. Before it happens outside, it must happen inside.
For optimal benefits for Rejuvenation, one must have positive, life-enhancing thought and attitude.

beauty clinic rejuvenation treatments
Rejuvenating Body Treatments
In today's hi-tech era, medical and non-medical options are available for Rejuvenating Services.
An honest appraisal of your Body's weak areas would quickly show the need to Rejuvenate. However Devices to evaluate skin and hair texture, etc are used by experts to determine options.

Most of these treatments happen in Beauty Clinics, supported by Doctors, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, etc. all helping the process of Rejuvenation, prescribing a change in Diet, Health giving Foods,Vitamins, Healing oils, Health Supplements, Exercise. 
Stopping any of these steps, tends to not give full benefits

Necessity of Rejuvenation
Why, really, does the Body Need to Rejuvenate?
A simple matter really, Body Systems slow down, internally & externally over Time, if nothing else.

By the 30s, and some by 20s, there are visible signs of decay and lost vitality are seen- a slowing down and even signs of disease- Lowered flexibility, diminished Digestive power, less Endurance, low Tolerance to change, etc.
Externally, skin fades, becomes dull, sagging & blemishes are not healed.
Hair thins, loses bounce, muscle tone is diminished.

Is it not true that if the Body is let alone, it will get back to normal?
Yes, for minor concerns. But once Decay has started, one must take time and effort to stop and re-activate the healing process.

Rejuvenation is a Necessity for optimizing Lifestyle. 
Looking older than your age, is no longer accepted in society which evaluates things by the look of it. So many options are available nowadays, not looking your best merely becomes carelessness.

In India, lakhs of rupees are spent on jewelry, but the Jewel that you are, does not get taken care of.
How much you care for yourself can be seen on your face.
Does it look the best it has been? If not, you must Rejuvenate.

The importance of Rejuvenation
Once you have put in time and effort into yourself, in doing your bit for Rejuvenating your body and mind, it  begins to show - hey, you look different, happier, more content- what changed?

There is enhanced confidence and an inherent importance of Yourself, independent of outsider viewpoint..
It becomes easier to see you consider yourself not as a liability, but an Investment.

Rejuvenation brings with it the potential to enhance Yourself on a Personal level, and in Social interactions.
It also gives you courage for the next generation, where you can see your son or daughter in a position to overcome the damage that may take place.
If you have come so far, your children will do better.
And isn't that what the Future is for?

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