Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holistic Ingredients for Skincare vs the rest

We, the developers of HolisticSerums have tried to harness the healing properties of these potent oils to alleviate many physical symptoms, and discovered in them incredible properties to turn back the clock -

Why use holistic and natural ingredients for beauty and health?

Holistic Ingredients
What are they?
They are extracts of the whole of a plant, a master creation with hundreds of chemical components. They are differentiated from a single component or natural derivative which are widely used in the beauty industry, viz. Bisabolol from Chamomile.

Holistic oils are extracted from plants- from fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds, nuts, roots and gums.

They are like whole foods
They are whole, not broken down into components and contain the balanced nature of the essence of the plant it is extracted from. They are known to be better received by the human body as a whole than (the experiments with) separated chemical constituents.

It is said that is so because they carry complete, intelligent information to the human being. Their effects are therefore not superficial or just stimulating but are therapeutic and capable of making real changes in the body.

They are thus used on a holistic basis, the total property of the oil is studied and its efficacy evaluated before making it part of a synergy.

Every batch of oil may vary depending on climatic, soil and other conditions. While the chemical composition of these oils cannot be standardised unlike manmade chemicals, it has been proven over centuries of time that the potency of these oils to care for or cure innumerable diseases cannot be doubted. They are to be treated with respect and careful handling.

Other than working on the lymphatic system they also work to balance hormones, relax the nervous system, destress, and make a person feel emotionally strong.

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