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Homeopathy for You - A Cure/ Control for Arthritis, Osteo, Rheumatoid and more

Arthritis- there's help!
About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis in my knees and ankles-
The doc in Texas, said, matter-of-factly- "There is no cure for arthritis, just different ways of controlling it as it gets worser", put me on 2 daily doses of Aleve with an optional 3rd dose.

1 knee cap was at 30% erosion, the others lesser.
I couldn't climb steps if I was off the Aleve, I could wear only flat, support footwear. Knee supports, ankle supports let me walk on.
The worst thing was not being able to pick up my 3 yr old daughter for more than 2 minutes at a time, and the 1 yr old for 5 mins.

Researching that regular use of pain killers disrupt the stomach lining, and with my inclination to natural healing methods, I tried several natural alternatives for pain.

As I fought to gain control, I found relief with daily supplements of Turmeric/ Trevinol / Collagen Type 2/ Horsetail Extract- losing weight, working out with weights, swimming, getting into a regular exercise routine.
Some of them are  in my posts here - all of these alternatives are available online and offline.

I made a Thai Bone Pain Relief synergy  specifically for knee joint pains, which let me sleep through many nights. I kept a bottle on to my nightstand, and would apply a little 5 minutes before getting up and it would increase my mobility.

All this was in the US.

Since coming to India, 2 years ago, the Rheumatologist said I had a combination of Osteo (wear n tear) & RA (hereditary). He put me on Glucosamine & Calcium supplements and a set of round-the-clock painkillers.

At the end of 2 months of treatment, with the rheumatologist, telling me that the medications would gradually increase, I began looking for a natural way of healing the body, in the same way we made our serums.

I've looked at different natural medications including Ayureved & Unani but the most beneficial has been Homeopathy and I wanted to put a word in for this,  this was by far the most convenient and effective one.

Homeopathy medication
In India, the homeopath doctor is responsible for giving a custom-mixed medication based on individual symptoms and an individual diagnosis, not just joint pain. I don't know any specific names.
I tried 3 different Homeopaths, (1 even did an accupressure diagnosis), +  3 different off-the-shelf homeopathy products, all gave mild relief till I found this doc who "specialized" in Joint pains.

He looked at the reports from the rheumatologist and gave me
 medication that Reduced the next day's morning stiffness by 20% and over the week got gradually better every day. The fatigue and frustration associated with RA reduced slowly and I was much more alert.

In a couple of months I was well enough to increase the exercise routine I was on and got steadily better.

In about 8-9 months, I stopped medication completely and was reasonably pain-free in joints.
I bought myself  new high-heeled shoes that I could wear with no discomfort for a couple of hours.

In about 3-4 months off it, however, with an increased exercise routine, stiffness in the morning returned, so I'm back on it, in a milder dose. I do take Trevinol sporadically, especially after a tough exercise session and 
spot uses of  Pain Relief Synergy.
At this point, I can pick up both my kids, now 5+ & 3+  and this is by far, the greatest achievement of all. I thank God for helping me find the right medication for my problem.

Homeopathy is not very well known in the West, unlike in India, where at least half of the population will try it out for different issues, especially those that medical science has no cures for.

This is my plug for it, as there is no scientific basis for Homeopathy, and there are so many that scoff at it.
I hope that those of you suffering from RA or actually, any other debilitating kind of disease will give it a shot and be helped by it. 
I have heard of users with Fibromyalgia, autism, intestinal problems, and even mild cases of diabetes to be controlled with it. 

The only thing, is to find the right doctor that can prescribe according to your symptoms and this may take a little bit of time.

If there's anyone else who've benefited from Homeopathy, especially one of the online practitioners, please leave a comment.

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