Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women, what does it takes to be an Achiever? March 8

A few years ago,  while I was at a Doctor's visit, he asked me what I did.
I gave a very self-effacing, non-achieving answer "Housewife".

He pounced on my mood, and said didn't that mean I was keeping home, cooking, shopping and care-giving to 2 pre-schoolers ( apart from 100 or so odds & ends.).
He said, that was the work of 4 different people at least!

My eyes popped open! I was astounded by my "work"!

Celebrate your achievements
That day I realized I was an Achiever in his book.

And I started writing it in mine.

Over the next year,

I began planning to do the things I thought I had no time to do: restarting an exercise routine, making time for online support groups and a half dozen other small things in very cold StLouis.

So, what if I cooked 2 dishes instead of 3 or had a messier house? I was empowering myself, working on me. 
I found the focus and drive which had faded away, from the sheer physical exertion of  being strength and comfort to 2 preschoolers.
I went on to start over a new business with products I had been making for myself.

My life has never been the same since that Doctor visit.
I needed that person's perspective to validate myself, to pick myself up.

And I give it to you today.
Standing up as a woman, Valuing what you are doing, right now,  is what it takes to make you an Achiever.

Men, do a favor to the women in your life: your wife, your mother, your family, your friends.
Take a few minutes to appreciate the work which cannot be translated into Economics, but which has the greatest value of all- that of Love.
Have a blessed day.

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