Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Adventures of Solomon Spider: Children's Book, by Aliyah Khan, the Poetess

My friend and Poetess, the lovely Aliyah Khan waxes lyrical on Facebook- reading her is like listening to a bell:

"hello happiness, hello today
Goodbye grief, goodbye yesterday.
hey clouds, hold up, I need a ride
I'm on my way, I'm done with the tide.
You're just a blur on my canvas of Life,
... Which I'll paint over with my palate knife.
My sunny days are about to begin
I'm soaring up, I'm taking wing."

This Children's Book she wrote is absolutely enthralling for a child to read by herself or a great read-aloud with an adult. It also has potential for lots of follow-up activities to get those wheels spinning in your little tot's head.

Scroll down to see a preview which she has kindly offered to share.

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