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Halloween, Frightfully Crazy Custom Favors & more

Interplanetary Couture
Emily Caswell is the Expert on Concocting Lip Balms- Margarita favors, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Sangria, Irish Creme Lip balms!! She invents her drink flavors using wax, butter, and oil all in the name of Lip Balm Couture. And what you get are "Balm buzzes".  Website

This fine lady, who shares my love of creepy crawlies, vampires & grisly things, runs a One-stop Shop for Personalized Thank-yous. Baby Showers, wedding Showers, Bachelorette, Birthday even Divorce Showers!

Take a look at some of her Just-fright-for-Halloween Customizations

So herrrre’s...  Emily!

So, really, who Are you?
I was recently introduced by an old friend as "fun, interesting, well-read, cultured, crass, potty-mouthed...(with a) crippling addiction to chocolate and proper grammar." I'm not sure about the interesting or cultured part, but I do know that he forgot to add "aliens" to my addictions list. Crass and potty-mouthed are pretty true, but I try to keep it fun and appropriate in public. 

You are custom-friendly – not just lipbalms & lotions- also cards, tulle,- Bath gel favors! And I utterly love your labels.
What made your head spin into all of this?

My degree is in biology and my first (and only) "real" job was in a biotech lab, where I manufactured vaccine. I left to pursue an interest in design, starting a graphic and web design business that I could grow from home. Eight years (and two kids) later, I started creating designs for my own products instead of other businesses'. I set up a home "lab" and started with lip balms personalized for weddings, since several of my previous clients had been in the wedding industry. Things have just grown from there. I think having my own wedding canceled at the last minute (speaking of scary, grisly stories!) has motivated me to help make other events perfect.

Other customizables include Moisturisers, Sugar Scrubs, Mini Pedicure Sets and lots of other goodies.

Falling Leaves, Bridal Shower

What’s cooking for Halloween?
How did you know I've been busy with my cauldron?!
This fall I've brought back some of our popular Limited Edition lip balm flavors from last year, including Caramel Corn and Ginger Pear, as well as old favorites like Jack-o-lantern and Candy Corn.
Our Pumpkin Pie moisturizers are also back, and a new Ginger Pear fragrance that's to DIE for (just what you need on Halloween!).

Crazy customization, did you say?
What would be one crazy customization?
I get some really fun requests for customization, but this was one of my all-time favorites.
People don't believe it, but yes, this was for a real baby shower! (Just might need to go watch "The Omen" again now.)

What is Pink lady?
Pink Lady is our line of products with a cause.
We introduced them several years ago and they're available year-round, but definitely most popular during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.
For every Pink Lady balm, favor, or moisturizer sold, we donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure
We also create a Limited Edition Pink Ribbon balm every year that's only available in October.
This year's flavor is Pink Kisses, a cherry-vanilla balm that also benefits Susan G. Komen.

What is your motto in life?
When I was a kid, my grandmother had a little plaque on her wall that said, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." I'm inspired by lots of other mantras and mottos, but I think this one made the biggest impression on me. There's a lot of emphasis on being important, but I find that the people I remember and appreciate the most are just plain nice. Whatever else I am, I want to be that, too.

Share an anecdote about your products?
Some of my favorite stories are customer comments.
Recently someone told me I was her "new best friend."
Last spring a mom-of-the-groom said she'd "love me forever" if I would email a proof to her (something I do for everyone, but I let her feel special!).
My favorite, though, would have to be the planner who ordered some favor samples for a bride she was working with. The bride explained that she did NOT want "throwaway" wedding favors. The planner called me afterward to say they were a hit: the bride tried the balm and said, "No one throws THESE favors!"

So, for your next small (or big) event, hop over to Emily's and get personalized, unique favors that you'd hate to throw away!

Lip Balm Couture is available at
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