Monday, January 5, 2009

Living without Aleve Check List

Tired of reaching for aleve & irritating stomach? Heres some info.
Its Morning, as I wake up to creaky joints- a little faster now,  and I shuffle to get some water & take my supplements
1 Collagen type 2 capsule
1 horsetail grass capsule
1 tsp Turmeric in half glass of water
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, Breyers

I started with the Collagen type 2 -  on my first brush with the symptoms, and know thats going to build up the collagen type 2 which deteriorates in the cartilage and possibly build up synovial fluid.
Relief to pain, about 40%, say, in about 1 hour.

Before I got the collagen, Ibuprofen/aleve was a staple- the first thing, I reached out for in the morning so I could get some mobility into me. With collagen 2, I'd take them about couple times a week
Horsetail is kinda optional , but it has silica, and I'm thinking it'll do good in the long run, by building up the connective tissue
Turmeric, its a new one I researched on, increases metabolism among its benefits, more here
Relief to pain goes up by 70% or more when I take it, in about half hour. Inflammation went down noticeably, which didnt happen to that extent with just collagen. When I ran out of collagen, I was ok with Turmeric twice daily for a few days.
Why ACV? too many people say its good for too many things, so I've started on it over the last few days. It gives me a "feel-good" feeling, and a better metabolism.

Evenings also get me creaky and I repeat the Turmeric/Collagen/ACV

Other things that have helped me include:

Stay Warm at all times, slip on an extra jacket or shirt

Socks at all times, not just when cold, and definitely to sleep in. There is a marked increase in pain the nights my socks slip off or I forget to wear them. Not just for the cold nights.

Wearing Rubber gloves when cleaning up. Hands become very very cold when exposed to water, and pain begins soon after.

Late evening, workout with light weights, using weights increases bone density & muscle mass which puts less stress on the joints I'm saving up for later.

I also use our own Pain Relief serum with Plai, to reduce muscle and joint soreness. While there hasnt been much research on Plai in the western hemisphere, this Thai oil, related to Ginger, is supposedly one of the main components in traditional Thai massage.
Among the 30-odd essential oils I have used for pain, this is the best of of them, giving quick & sustained relief to join/muscle combo pains like a crick in the neck, catch in the back, & those other little oddities that dont go away or are recurring. The quality of life, especially since ridden with arthritis, improves substantially on the days I use it. A little about plai

What I like best, is that while it gives relief to pain, I found it most helpful on the days I up or change my workout. I put it on at night, relieved that the extra joint pain/inflammation that would normally come in the morning would diminish substantially.

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