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Video: How to use Non Dye "Scalp Synergy" Serum for Distinguished Grey Coverage. 100% Natural oils.

Non-dye Grey Hair Coverage with Natural Oil Synergy
 To show coverage of Grey hair with non dye 100% Natural Hair & Scalp Serum (prev Hairgrow Serum.)
Grey is not colored 

Natural Hair & Scalp Serum  is Rejuvenating topical Treatment, a combination of 12 Natural oils from various countries, promoting Hair Growth.
For hairgrowth Treatment, the Oil is for applied to scalp,
Applied to Grey Hair,  it helps cover and mildly regain natural hair color. Whether it is Black, Brown, Blonde, Redhead, etc. It works by making hair go a Distinguished gray and darkens each time.
 Not a dye, as you can see no color residue on fingers.
Some Natural gray hair darkening products have Indigo, a natural colorant or any synthetic color, like Black Henna which is a dye.

How it works-by (temporarily) replacing the natural pigment, and helping it to be darker each time.
Effects last as long as regular hairdyes, except that since it is scalp nourishing, hair is stronger and tends to look darker in general.
Hair does not grow black, but only the outer hair is colored.


Video to actually show grey hair darkening as it happens. These videos have NOT been edited to add any color. 

If there is a problem viewing this, you can see the low-quality file

Gives noticeable results for grey hair darkening in 2-3 uses. This almost immediate effect in video is seen after client has undergone 5-6 applications in the weeks before this are done. Also, darkening effect is not very visible for single strands of hair.


US & International

This Hair Tonic which includes oils used by the Geisha for luxurious hair- Japanese Camellia Oil. Other oils include South-american Abysinnian & Ylang ylang, Hawaiain Kukui Nut, & many Indian Ayurvedic oils like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Gotu kola, Motia Rosha as well as essential oils of Rosemary & Lavender.

It is a Hair Tonic, made with 100% natural oils, which improves health of scalp and hair and provides a change in appearance- it does not change the hair /scalp in anyway.

Hair Regrowth Progression photos blogpost
 for Alopoecia & Male Pattern Baldness.

How to Use
To regain hair's natural color, Hairgrow Serum needs to be applied to grey hair along its length, and not just scalp.

Hair darkening to original color is a progression and will take some time- Grey hair, turns a darker grey in a few uses until it gets back original color. Effectively used for Blonde, Redhead & Black hair.

Use 1-2 times weekly. Recommended to use for about 2-3 months for most cases, after which maintenance of 2-3 times a month may be necessary. It is subjective.

Best Results
1. Hair should be dye-free for 1-2 weeks or more- until it is at natural color
Synthetic Hair Dyes bond to hair & hence use of our Serum may not show benefits when using along with dye.
If it is too drastic, it is possible to apply Serum as grey roots grow out- use everyday or even twice a day for a few days to roots, cover with cap, bandana, etc.
As rest of any old dye fades out of hair Serum can be used to gradually replenish color.

Natural Hairdyes like Henna & Indigo are a little tricky, they have a conditioning effect and stay longer in hair in trace amounts, rather than being washed out like synthetic dyes.
Use of Hair Serum may take a longer time & lesser darkening benefits may be seen until all of the henna is gone from hair - it is however good to remember that when applied to hennaed hair, the darkening effect slowly replaces the reddish color of henna.

Please see that most dyes like Black Henna , etc are synthetic, not natural dyes. Always check ingredient list.
Use of Natural Hair Serum does not make roots come out dark, only the hair it is applied to becomes dark , healthy & more vital.

This Hair Serum also promotes hair regrowth & lengthens hair-
The major portion of our clients are African-American and use it to grow natural hair longer, when removing braids, Between  relaxer applications to soften.

It also increases density and gives body to Black hair which tends to be sparse and grows slowly. Because of this, a 5ml trial size- a 2 week application- is enough to see a difference in length. 
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  1. I just received my hair serum today, and I am so anxious to use it. I have been using natural henna in my hair, last application 1 month ago. My roots are grey and I will not be using the henna again (it turned my hair a reddish color). I'm going to stick with the hair serum. Thank you, will keep in touch.
    Ella Presley

    1. Thank you, Ella!
      I hope it works well for you.

      Bear in mind, that for hair to turn from gray to its original color, you'd need to use it for a while.
      Gray hair near the areas where soap is more frequently used- around the face - tends to need more applications of serum.

  2. i have a question if after i use this product to my hair the black color of my hair is permanently black or if i can stop to use it, it turns to white again??
    brandon Gracie

    1. It darkens hair, white -to grey- dark grey- black.
      As you stop using it, goes back in the same stages.
      Hair will look a natural color through the stages.
      Periodic maintenance required.

      A 60 yr old I know uses it before she washes her hair, couple times a month, and it gives a moderately dark grey shade which she's happy with-
      If you want a darker color, you may need to use more times.
      In general, you'd use it lesser times after a couple of months, than at the start.

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