Salon/ Spa/ Store Owners: Custom & Private Label : Small & Mid-sized

We Offer
Hair, Face & Body Treatments, Soap & Natural Perfumes for Pvt Label in small & mid-sized runs.

If you are a Salon or Spa or Store Owner, in USA or India, and you have your own packaging-
we will make new 100% natural Handmade luxury products for you.

It is essential that you try our products, because the potential cannot be realized without the experience.
You can buy them online or offline in India.

How to Select
1. Go through our Product Lineup in the right bar (if on mobile, it may be on bottom of page) , and we can customize our products with other ingredients.
2. Or if you have something in mind, we will make product from scratch.
3. Or use your special ingredients, to formulate.

email care121 for inquiries in India and USA
All of Holistic Serums (except Soap) contain 99%-100% natural ingredients made from beeswax, oils, waxes, powders, minerals, clays and extracts from Flowers, Roots, Leaves, et al.
Our ingredients are very, very good. We put together the best ingredients grown from the Best locations Rose Oil from Bulgaria, Shea from Africa, Seabuckthornberry from Russia, Geranium from Bourbon Islands..


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