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Holistic Serums: Product & Pricelist for India
Select Face & Hair Serums in limited quantity are listed below.

See 77Petals WinterCare Line. (Economy Line)

About Holistic Serums

45g Jars
 Hand made Holistic Serums are True Luxury Products, made limited, with unique, select ingredients, having true benefits to improve your lifestyle, and made to meet needs that other products don't.

Our Rejuvenating Serums meet you at your point of need, to enhance Your personal Lifestyle to a superior level. See The Necessity of Rejuvenation

Our Products give High Value for Price. Even if the Price seems high, the value they give is much higher.

Your vision of yourself is important.
We present our Rejuvenating Serums -
If they fit into your envisioned Philosophy and Lifestyle, we aim to connect together for a very long time.

Sample sizes are only for the first time. Best value is with the larger sizes. Buy big.

Current Indian Product List

For questions & orders, email care121 with India in subject line.
Currently, purchases in India are through Bank Transfer or DD to personal account.

Natural Scalp Nourishing Oil Synergy 
(prev Natural Hairgrow Serum)#1 Seller
For nourishing Scalp and enhancing growth, volume, length & strength

50ml INR 7500 (4-6mo use)
5ml INR 750 (6-10 uses)
See pics of Product Users

Natural Hairgrow Serum 50ml, 5ml


Good Hair Butter: Long Hair Serum

A light, nourishing Treatment for Dry, rough, damaged hair.
Volumizing treatment for hair made with  Apricot Kernel Oil & Avocado butter, scented with Ylang Ylang Excellent for conditioning colored hair which needs extra gentle care.
Sealing Hair ends so that growth is possible.
Can be used as a Hair Serum just before going out
and as a natural Silicone-free Conditioner.
Benefits Long Hair 
20g 750, 5gm 300
25g Jar contains 5g as it is very light 

5g size fills 25g jar & 20g in the 100g jar.


Porcelain Doll (prev Orchid Serum) #2

The only Face Treatment for 30+
for Firming, Lifting, Clarifying, Smoothing, Lightening
Made with oil from Orchid Flowers

2ml INR 550 (2-4 weeks)
5ml INR 1250 
Read about Orchid Serum
Orchid Serum 2ml


EverLast Gold Creme

Ultra-luxurious, delicate creme with pure 23k Gold. 
Gives a luminous, translucent appearance as skin rejuvenates. Preserves skin elasticity.
Unlike "gold cremes" in the market, there are no visible (fake) flakes. Original Gold powder is incorporated into it
4g 1499 INR, 45g 7500 INR

EverLast Creme with pure gold.


EyeLash Conditioner *Specialty*

To condition & make eyelashes look longer & fuller, naturally.
Apply like an eye-liner to base of eyelashes to make lashes appear longer, thicker.

5ml INR 3600
See links to beauty blogger reviews, questions about how eyelash lenghtheners work
Lash Conditioner


Bulgarian Rose Overnight Renewal Creme

Scars, Acne scars, burns, stretchmarks, deep wrinkles, strengthening to areas of stretched out skin

4g INR 900 (upto 45 uses) 
45g INR 3500
See Pics, details of This Product
Pure Rose Creme 4g
Rose Cream Gift Bag for Christmas


Blueberry Seed Polish

An Instant Beauty Fix.
Face & Body Polish, Immediately fades scars, fine wrinkles, firms, polishes skin, gives a superb glow.

Excellent when used as an all-over Body Polish Treatment.
4g INR 650 (upto 30 uses) 
45g INR 2500


Pigmentation Serum

Made with select , rare essential oils.
Reduces spread and gradually fades pigmentation 

50ml INR 3000
(Made to Order only)
Product delivery in 2-3 weeks after purchase.
 email care121 to order.
See user pics, details of product here
Pigmentation Creme (pre-order)


Beauty Secret Masque

A Pre-party mask, acts like or better than anti-aging Facial Treatment. Firms, Tightens, gives a superb glow
(preferred by salon professional)
4g INR 500 (upto 10 uses) 
45g INR 2400
See before-after pics, details of product here
L-R Blueberry Seed Polish , Beauty Secret Masque (Dark brown) & Pigmentation Creme

Body Firming Oil

(preferred by professionals) Excellent for firming, toning, lymphatic drainage. Works best with weightloss & diet routines.
50ml INR 2000 (dilute & use for 3 massages)
See how to use Firming Products for Slimming

Body Trimming Mask 

Works like a Body Wrap. Best used post weightloss or to jumpstart weight loss routines.
( 45g Trimming Mask + 5ml Trimming Oil ) INR 2000. Single Use.
See how to use This Product
Trimming Mask & Trimming Oil

ToothFit / Brush Out Plaque

Reduces sensitivity in few uses, promotes healthy gums, clients have said their dentists saw improvement!
50ml 2500, 5ml 400
(less than cost of many teeth treatments)

Hot Thai Bone Pain Serums

For bone & joint pain related relief. Increased mobility, for knee, hip, ankle joint pain due to uric acid build up. Arthritis relief, stiff joints relief, may help to relieve stress of repetitive work like typing.

50gm INR 800
5g INR 200
Read about This Product.
Hot Thai Balm, now in Serum form


Ultra- Glow Soap (Best Seller)

Anti-tan and firming. Provides great skin-lightening, skin-firming benefits. Results last few days.
Available in several sizes. 
12g Flower soap INR 250/- & 60g Soap

Mini Sizes starting from 4g @85/-


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