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Why Silicones & Anti Frizz Serums are BAD for Frizz & whats Good. Hair Damage Repair.

5 years after Perm. Healthy, bouncy Nourished Hair.
This post provides Answers to: 
Question 1. WHY is my hair Rough, Dry. Frizzy, Unmanageable.
Question 2. Why don't Antifrizz Serums keep Hair smooth for long-term.
Question 3. What To Use to keep Hair Smooth, i.e. gain back Hair Health.

This is My experience.
 A never-to-repeat one.

It all started when I wanted to get great big curls in my long (huge!), black, wavy hair. So, a couple of years ago, I got my Hair Permed. 
It looked as fabulous as I thought it would be, probably better. Think a big curls hairpiece, but natural. A head-turner.

Then came disaster. In about 6 months, my healthy, strong hair started to drop off in bunches. It gave me quite a start, every morning when I woke up!

Still, I wasn't worried about Hair Loss (We already made a hairloss product), I was confident of re-growing hair- I thought, this is some kind of damage, not Alopecia. (Which didn't happen till I hit 40.)

However, the remaining Hair horrified me. Unmanageable Hair,  Like dried grass, horrendous frizz- first time in my life!

I began to try
Anti-Frizz products : John Frieda, Clairol, Silk Drops, Dove- wonderful coconut smelling Detanglers. 
All gave Temporarily manageable hair.  Few days after use, Hair would become drier/ worser- which I didnt think was  possible! Now I was screaming inside!!.
I Cut, used Hair masks and most of the products talked about in forums. I must say Nexxus helped a bit more than the others. But not enough.

I was eventually forced to put my Maker Cap on, I searched and re-searched..
Made questions, found Answers that would make a Dry/ Damaged Hair treatment to nourish my hair.

Question # 1.
Why is Hair Rough, Dry, Unmanageable?
Answer# 1.
Sebum, the Scalp's natural oil, coats the hair, the Only Reason for Hair to be manageable, Soft, & shiny aka Healthy.
Sebum loss implies damaged hair. 
Technically, because of structure changes due to Perm, my hair was damaged- fragile, brittle.

Question #2.
 Why don't Antifrizz Serums keep Hair smooth for long-term.
Answer #2 
Because they are quick fixes, not Hair Nourishing.

Question #3. 
What To Use to keep Hair Smooth, i.e. gain back Hair Health.

Answer #3 
Hair that has low Sebum needs a 1. protective coating until the Scalp makes its own and 2. Nourish with beneficial oils

Scroll down to read about Silicones and the Damage they Do.

But Lets see the ANSWER to the PROBLEM of Naturally smoothing Frizzy Hair.

Jojoba, Avocado & Macadamia
Natural Hair Glosser (Cone Free) (previous Hair Damage Repair Serum) helped my hair go Frizz-free.

It is a combination of Natural oils to benefit Unmanageable, Frizzy Hair, enhanced with hair-loss oils, to promote growth.

With oils that mimic natural sebum:  Macadamia Nut Oil & Jojoba Oil, nourishingpenetrating oils of Avocado & oils to give silkiness & smoothness like Abyssinian Oil and enhanced with essentials and scalp soothing herbs.

Benefits 3 concerns

1. Loss of Sebum characterized by dry, frizzy hair, brittle hair
2. Roughness caused by cuticle damage due to chemical treatments
3. Hair Loss -many factors

How-to-USE Hair Glosser 

1. Apply directly on frizzy, dry hair to smooth hair -  like an Anti-frizz serum. Wash off when it feels heavy. 
2. Post-Wash:  Apply instead of a Conditioner along length of Hair. This may work if hair is not very dry.
3. Use as warm oil treatments to Scalp 15 minutes before washing. Initial treatments help to condition and nourish both Oily and Dry scalp and promote sebum.

Again, how you use depends on your hair type. Use at least 4 times to see which works best for you. As hair gets smoother, you may need to use it lesser. As weather changes, or other changes occur, you may need to change how you use this also.

If damage is too great, it cannot be smoothed for long- however, using this Serum benefits breakage, helps hair grow out faster, so that damaged hair can be cut off.

And that's how you can get beautiful, nourished, stress-free Hair.
Once Frizz is calmed down, use Natural Hair & Scalp Serum to raise Hair to another level. And for serious patchiness issues, try the Concentrate.

Do Hair Spa treatments every now and then- while they cannot substitute the regular nourishment of our serums, they do give a real nice gloss ! Here's a recent pic of me just after I had one done:

Hope you will be loving your hair soon!

About Silicones/ Cone Products
Paul mitchell's Gallon Detangler

Silicones provide a hair Coating to make hair appear healthy, shiny.
But, because they block actual Sebum reaching the hair, Hair then becomes More Brittle.
Build up over time will cause extensive breakage. I heard that Hairstylists sometimes scrape off silicone/ wax buildup off hair with scissors.

Anti-frizz serums actually cause MORE damage to damaged hair.
They are ok used infrequently and washed off quickly on normal hair. ( Theres a whole "cone-free" revolution out there.).

Silicones in Indian Market
Identifying Cone Products.
Most Shampoos, conditioners,
 anything that says shiny, healthy hair, detanglers- they are mostly CONE products.

Indian Cone products are those which says leave on for smooth hair - Pantenes Hair Repair n Care & Livon. anything you notice that makes hair rougher in 2-3 days of use instead of naturally healthy.

Here are some Frizzy Damaged/  Extra Dry Hair Tips that I found helpful for my hair. 
  1.  Remove silicone buildup with a Clarifying shampoo,  & Deep Condition. Clarifying shampoos strip hair of Sebum too.
  2. Wash off Anti-Frizz Serums quickly,
  3. Stay away from the pool - Chlorine=hair damage
  4. use a scarf when out and about to protect from the Sun
  5. Use minimal chemical products
  6. Brush with a paddle brush 2X for 3 mins a day to redistribute oils

Silicones also don't let dyes stay longer.

TRY ALSO Natural Hair & Scalp Serum to Naturally Color Grey Hair

To lighten highlights mildly, use ( LIGHT) with Chamomile
and to darken highlights, use Detangler  (Dark) with Sage & Rosemary.
Similar to Blond & Brunette shampoos/conditioners,  giving a lighter or darker tint to highlights, a richer natural-looking hue instead of the color deposits of these products.
We ship internationally.

Would you like to share your experience with Perms, Rebonding, Straightening, Anti-frizz serums & other cone products? Leave us a comment.


  1. I have used tres semmme anti frizz creme, paul mitchel smoothing serum, livon and other silicone products, which all gave me temporary shine. After I washed my hair, over a period of time, my hair became much worse than it was before I used the Product. It became brittle, dry, frizzy and unmanageable. I have been using hair grow serum for a month now, and my hair seems to be smooth,shiny and manageable even after washing it, even though I have been applying only a couple of drops daily only on my scalp. My hair fall has also reduced, even though its not completely stopped. Thanks Ruth for this wonderful product.

  2. Thank you, Preeti!

    I am so glad you loved Natural Hairgrow. It is really the most important part of the Hair Smoothing (& Damage Repair) Serums

    There is a huge coverup by the big companies, so we never know how badly synthetic products damage our hair & skin & body. Most have studies to back them up but reality is a different story.

    Research has been quoted that silicones have ability to provide conditioning, shine, manageability, improved combing, reduced flyaway and a number of other benefits.

    Nobody will say that these benefits are ONLY TEMPORARY and worse, that they actually DAMAGE the natural properties of hair, so they can never regain the original state.

    At Holistic Serums, our Mission is to Regain Natural & Healthy Beauty.

    Ruth Rose

  3. so glad i came upon your blog! I have just recently switched from redken to aveda. I will try these new products for a month and see if i see a difference. I have steered away from the silicones (which was very hard) but we will see how this works. I am going to need to buy those oils you mentioned. Jojoba, advocado, macadamian, and abyssinnian. Thanks for all your help!--Jamie.

    1. I awitched to Aveda to just to schockingly read the back of the ingredient list, there is Dimethicone in some Conditioners, Leave ins and Style Preps!

    2. The majority of hair treatment products will use Dimethicone or other silicones.
      We, as women, need to get used to having healthy, naturally shiny hair, as opposed to the high-gloss slick & smooth hair that the magazines promote.
      We must respect our body, and our hair!
      The most important priority should be that hair is at its healthiest.

  4. You're welcome Jamie.
    I know it really takes courage to go out there without the silicone-smoothed hair we all got used to!
    Do post a comment on the non-silicone Aveda products and/or the oils helped out.


  5. what about KMS products? I understand they have silicone which is why stylists like them so much:

    it makes hair shiny and smooth when you leave (but you can't duplicate it because the silicone is a mask and underneath your hair is dry).

    1. Most stylists will like Silicone products as it makes the hair manageable and easily style-able.
      I dont have experience with KMS products, our main priority is for healthy, natural hair- and any type of silicone increases damage. Add this to already treated/permed hair, and there's a disaster waiting to happen.


  6. Thanks for sharing information
    Ayurveda therapies when applied with skill and care work on both the physical and psychological levels to invigorate, relax and ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.


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