Friday, December 19, 2014

God did it Right.

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God made a Plan when He sent His Son.
The Plan is to do it Right. 

Doing it Right meant sending His Son 
to be the Savior,
to die on the Cross.
to make way for a people to know their God
to love and to be loved.

Anything else is not The Plan, not The Purpose.

The Original Plan of God is to Love.
and to be Loved Himself.

Anything that questions the love of God to us is not right, and born of that which is wrong,
and anything that questions why we should love God, above all,
is not right.

There is nothing else.
We can be right having nothing but the right attitude.
God can be right doing nothing but having the right attitude.
however, when we have nothing or when God is doing nothing, there is no way between them.
So this too, is wrong,

Evidently, for those who think Christ is The Way,
we have everything.
And God is doing everything.

What else is there?

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