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How-to-Shrink-the-Stomach: 5 Answers Diet+Tone+Firm+Cleanse+Rejuvenate. Products to Firm

Only if you are very very serious about shrinking your stomach, go on and read this.
If you have ever tried to tone your stomach, After being a Mom, you'll understand that awful pit-of-the-stomach feeling, after 4 months of crunches with lousy results.

I give you several ways, all of which put together will give excellent results.

First, understand what is happening inside a flabby, swollen stomach.

Part 1
Problem 1. multiple layers of fat that may cover well developed muscles but which wont be shown until fat is lost.
Answer 1 a fat-burning, high-protein diet. The higher the amount of protein eaten - which the body can tolerate- the greater the fat burnt off. In order to understand the great importance of Hi-Protein diet for fat burning, go here

Problem 2 Muscle which has lost its tone 
Answer 2- a muscle- toning routine.pilates work best as they isolate the core. There are some excellent ones for lower stomach on Blogilates on Youtube Do invest in a back support belt to do ab exercises for max efficiency.
 If possible, do a short course on Pilates. Exercises that work the sides of the stomach, like those you do lying down on the side are beneficial.

Problem 3 A tendency for the stomach to swell to accomodate food, so skin around stomach also tends to be loose and saggy
Answer 3- firming, tightening and lifting massages & masks
Tightening skin on a regular basis is a very important part of the process. Since these deal with our own products, I'm putting it in a different post where I can handle it in detail. Go here

Now, these 3 steps, will probably be enough if you are already in a weight loss regimen, or you don't have a lot to lose.
But if you have had to deal with this problem for a long time, taking care of the stomach internally is absolutely essential.

Problem 4: Toxins in the Stomach
A long-term diet of processed foods and lots of meats deposit toxins into fat layers near stomach making it nearly impossible to reduce it. This toxic fat layers is supposed to aggravate the body to cause several diseases like diabetes, etc
 Answer 4: Cleanse the Stomach.
There are several cleanses on the market. I have my own modified Ayurvedic mini-cleanse. At a certain point of time, after living several years in the US, where my diet contained a majority of processed & frozen foods, this cleanse caused a lot of weight loss. It is also the most read page on the blog.  See Esther's Coconut Mini-Cleanse

Problem 5: Stomach-unfriendly food
Answer 5: ReStart Body Healing by adding foods to help the stomach
After cleansing, or even before, start adding foods that aid the stomach, not burden it further. Remember you are in it for the long haul. Use fibre-rich foods, Eat fresh food, dry fruits and nuts- Eat raisins instead of cookies. Start reducing wheat and baked goods.
Have regular does of probiotics, enzyme- rich foods like papaya. Add vegetable juices to your diet. See benefits of juicing

And thats it!
You're on your way to get back your firm stomach and keep it. For years to come. Go, conquer your stomach, Mom!
Oh, and that confidence you get back, just for a tighter few inches- Immense!

Lemme know questions, suggestions, loopholes.

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