Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BulletProof Coffee to Lose Weight.
Another Chapter to Add to my Weightloss Tale:  BulletProof Coffee
Over the last 10 years, I've tried plenty of weightloss cheats. And this seems to be the latest to check on.
Bullet Proof Coffee is Coffee with butter and 18 times concentrated coconut oil extract  By providing your body with satiating fat(butter), and a special kind of energy from fat ( called Brain Octane) instead of sugar and carbs, your body uses ketones for energy throughout the day.”
Which we know means BURN, baby!
Each of the ingredients- Coffee, Butter, Coconut Oil have rigorous specifications.
Personally, I can vouch for Butter.
I allocate a few days of a month (or 3) as "watch my figure" days.
These are the days when I'm in touch with myself, watching what I eat, do the weights, exercise more, eat greens n fruits.
High fat products like Butter, and Clarified Butter (Ghee) figure prominently in those days- otherwise with the exercise, I will end up eating larger quantities. The butters satiate and are filling.
And Coffee- yep, days with headaches are Tea/ Coffee Days in copious quantities. And yep, less carbs.
Does few days a month work for getting slimmer? yes.
It seems the body doesn't get used to the exercise (for a regular workout person) since you stop- and it tends to lose more inches when you do it in fits and cycles. But you have to figure out the cycle best for you, somehow. But, be rigid in those days. No cupcakes and chocolates.
Post on Fatburning Raspberry Ketones
The thing to remember about starting anything New is to
1,research well before use, very healthy when you start, it in small doses, till you build capacity to do it regularly, and
4. stop early. You can always start it again.
Bulletproof Coffee History
 “Putting butter in hot drinks is a several thousand-year-old practice I learned while traveling at 16,000-foot elevation in Tibet,” explains Dave Asprey, credited with popularizing Bulletproof coffee and recently authored the bookThe Bulletproof Diet.

So this guy, put 2 and 2 together. I think I'll be trying it out one of these days!


Recipe: How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In 5 Simple Steps

You have to go there.
The man makes very compelling points - its as if he's drunk on it while he writes.

Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee?

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