Friday, December 5, 2008

Product Review: EyeLash Lengthener, Enhance Eyelashes Naturally

Lash Lengthener is one of our unique products. It is a concentrate of Natural Hairgrow, an oil for hair loss and growth.

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-2 Independant Reviews
-How Eyelash Lengtheners work & how long they last.

Not an under-mascara product, this serum is a Lengthening, Conditioning Serum Gives the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes in a period of 1-4 weeks for almost all users.

See Ashley's lovely Review! Ooh la la lashes on the Luxury Spot

";;So i tried it, using it morning and night for 2 weeks, and I’m telling you people–it works! I put the product on at night after I wash my face, and mornings when I do not put on makeup right away. From the first application I felt my mascara going on much more smoothly, and- now after 1 week- in only 2-3 swipes, I get the lashes I desire..."

Eyelash Lengthener .. allows regular mascara to go on smoothly after application. As far as results go, I feel a subtle difference. My lashes do seem a bit fuller... satisfied with what I’ve seen so far.

followup review on our Facebook Fanpage
"I know these photos speak for themselves but I would like to personally say that these Holistic Serums are amazing! I especially love the eyelash lengthener! I definitely noticed a difference after using this product for only a week! These products are vegan, completely natural and effective! "

Developed from our bestselling Hairloss Serum, it is a highly concentrated serum to get healthy eyelashes which grow longer. 100% natural , the ingredients use a chemotype (species) of Camellia oil.

Traditionally used by the Geisha for long and luxurious hair, this species of Camellia is a plant identified by texture of leaves & smell by traditional healers out of other chemotypes.

It has been effectively used by African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics & other races, and many times shows results in 3-4 uses for scanty eyelashes & eyebrows.

Initially formulated for a baby with extremely sparse lashes & brows.

How do EyeLash Lengtheners in the market work

Hair, eyelashes, etc have 2 phases: Active & Resting phases. Active phase when eyelashes are growing, & Resting when they dont. Eyelashes grow very very slowly.
Lash Lengtheners work by increasing the Active phase.

Some eyelash enhancing products use prostoglandins, which are hormones and have serious side effects.

The difference between synthetic ones and HolisticSerums Lash Lengtheners is:
1)100% Natural ingredients
2) Uses the oils natural properties of strengthening hair follicles- which is why we also have a Natural Hairgrow Serum. If the other Lash Lengtheners strengthen hair, then they could have a hairgrowth product too!
3) Have no hormones added or changed- they simply promote health to the hair, and in the case of Hairgrow Serum, to the scalp.
And healthy hair grows!
Although eyelashes grow only by a little, because they are eyelashes, it seems to be a lot!

A great investment for those long fluttering lashes.


  1. Hi!! I was very excited to read about your eyelash product. Do you have a complete list of all ingredients?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Holly,
    Thank you for contacting us.

    The inci for our products are here:

    Short descriptions of our Natural Ingredients are here:

    Any queries are welcomed.


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