Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hair Color- Home-made Hair Tints, DIY, Temporary Color Masks for Red Dark Blonde

I love Hair Color- it is an instant pick-me-up - This time I went with Red ends, wacky, huh!
Over-all color means lots of chemical and terrible maintenance, so just the ends..
The Stylist said 'you should use a brown-black, not DYE so black' and offered to make my hair look a more "natural" black
I was zapped- color to me means 'more stylish', more un-natural.. but more natural?? natural? that was natural!
Home-made Hair Tints, Temporary Color Hair Masks

This seems reasonably easy to do- a DIY hair tinting, with natural ingredients - sounds great to freshen up color !

This is mostly a copy-paste- except pics are from our site and parentheses and bold are my adds  ..
Dark Tint:  Use Cocoa, Chocolate, or Strong Coffee

1. Melt (dark cooking) chocolate in a double-boiler and cool it down a bit, so that you don’t burn your scalp.
2. Or blend half-cup of cocoa powder with half-cup of organic plain yogurt, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or two tablespoons of lemon juice. You need some gentle acid to help pigments penetrate your hair shaft. Another bonus: an absolutely gorgeous shine.
3. Coffee is easier to work with: make a very strong cup of espresso, cool it down, and use as a conditioner.
Leave on your hair for a minute or two and rinse off.

Red Tint : Carrots
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which provides them with that orange colour.
In concentrated form, beta-carotene is intense red, like blood.
To make carrots really work, you’d have to apply a pureed carrot mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice. If you have access to fresh cranberries, they also work wonders, and they have an in-built acidic penetration enhancer, but they tend to give your hair a brassier shade, while carrots give a true golden tint.

Blonde Tints : Lemons, potatoes, guava
Lemons is a classic recipe, even Holly Golightly used it to streak her hair.
 I also found that grated potatoes were used for ages to bleach skin and hair. They have a natural whitening enzyme ascomycete that destroys melanin in skin and hair. Guava and mangosteen juice also have natural whitening properties.

Naturally Coloring Grey : Our own product, Natural Hair & Scalp Serum, is good for giving a distinguished grey coverage. Video here. helps to temporarily regain original color in 1-3 uses. Color depends on maintenance.

Angela rocks purple. And she has a lovely, Natural Line, Lillian Skincare. Vegan & Eco-friendly and awesome natural colorants like Safflower petals, Indigo and more. Its enroute to becoming Lillian Organics..




  1. I can relate myself to you. I'm a person who love to color my hair because for me it helps me in boosting my personality and of course to be fashionable in a little way. You look slimmer on that picture than before. Good job.

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