Monday, September 8, 2014

Mini Lotion "Cupcakes" w Cocoa, Shea, Mimosa, White n Dark Chocolate

Quick absorbing Lotion Bar with Shea & Cocoa & other goodies
After L'occitane's shea handcream, I've been planning forever to make a really nice natural Shea hand cream. I could just keep using it, of course, but once you get used to the nourishment of natural product, you can't use petroleum-based products and stay happy.
My hands work so hard, they keep needing some love, actually a lot of love :). Constant washing, sanitizing, especially around products, makes them really dry.
 Now I have a lot of butters n oils, but they make them sticky n oily, so I can't get other work done- quite inconvenient! Pure Shea or Cocoa, I would put overnight and that's just fine.

So then, what I need is a Very Nourishing but quickly absorbing Hand cream. Which is where the Lotion Bar comes in. A huge percentage of Butters, and lesser percentage oils, add on some Essential Oils for skin clarity, a dash of decoration and that's it.
Ingedients are : only Cocoa & Shea Butters, Beeswax, Apricot & Hazelnut Oils, Extracts of Chocolate (no, really!), Mimosa, Orange(uplifting) , Black Pepper (relieves pain), Lavender (minor cuts, bruises)
My goodies work for a living :)

Minis, just unmolded
 What does it smell like- Mimosa-ey when you put it on, but later on white chocolate-y. These are natural scents, so they are very mild, and will not last a very long time. Synthetic scents have molecules that bind to skin and keep the fragrance on (also one of the reasons sometimes allergies turn up, as it binds to skin.)
The bigger one holds the white chocolate beautifully.
This is a very Nourishing Lotion bar. There is no water in them, so if your skin is extra dry, you may need some moisturiser once a while. Or drink more water!

The mini cupcake is about 12g and the mama cupcake is about 60g.
I'm guessing the mini should last about 2 months, twice a day- so much of winter is covered. But don't keep handling it! 
The bigger one should last 3 times that time, and more convenient size for use on arms and body.
For Face, if your skin is dry, you can use it anytime and brush on some face powder .
Even if its oily, you can use it overnight to nourish, or smooth on hands and rub over face.
All packed up.
Good to smell, great to use.

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