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Face & Body Rejuvenation using Natural Holistic Serums

Rejuvenating Treatments: beeswax, 100% natural oils, clays, colors..
Everybody would like to try 100% Natural Rejuvenating products. But where are they, and if you can find something good, how can you use them instead of your regular beauty treatments?
We have answers for you.

Lets understand Rejuvenating Treatments. 
They differ in terms of ease of use, time needed to undergo the treatment, the time for which benefits would be seen, budget, etc. They could be said to be of these 3 types.
1. Home- Use Serums, e.g. Olay, Vichy
2. Salon Treatments e.g anti-aging Facials, Peels, Body Polishing, etc.
3. Special clinical procedures, e.g. Botox, Hairgrowth etc

Depending on your preferred choice of treatment, you can use the Perfect Rejuvenating Treatments from Holistic Serums to extend or replace them with good benefits.
Being 100% Natural, they would not contain skin-sensitizing ingredients and instead of short-term beauty treatments, they can provide long-term benefits

See How  Holistic Serums Can  Be Used 

1. Home-Use Serums e.g. Olay, Vichy
Mainly synthetic chemical based, with some natural ingredients. Benefits are present during usage and disappear in 1-2 days of stopping usage.
Use Orchid Serum  to impart lasting rejuvenation. After initial regular treatment, need only use 2-3 times weekly or monthly depending on age & skin texture.

2. Salon Facials
Anti-aging  & Rejuvenating Facials generally use stronger chemical product + instruments that need professional training. Provide clarifying, toning & lightening effects for one month or more.
Use Blueberry Seed Polish  as a moisturising, exfoliator
Use Beauty Secret Masque  to provide immediate tightening and clarifying effect &  Use Orchid Serum overnight to extend benefits for very long.
Orchid Serum for lift

3. Stronger procedures e.g. Peels
Chemical peels are suggested for dull skin with deep blemishes where top layers of skin are peeled off by strong acid solutions. P rovides longer-lasting clarifying, with drawbacks such as irritation, sensitivity, etc. as skin heals back.
Use Blueberry Seed Polish to polish top layers & Use Pure Rose Creme overnight to fade stubborn blemishes in inner layers. Skin is not stripped of its natural cover but renewed gently.

4. Specialized Procedures e.g. Botox
Botox/ Neurotox are applied to specific face areas- forehead  folds, eye wrinkles, etc. They are an invasive procedure, with precautions. Provide immediate ‘lift’ benefits &  may need to be repeated 1-2 times per year for best results. Highly expensive.
Orchid Serum provides similar (not same) type of lift in several uses, non-invasive, no side-effects like frozen facial muscles.

5. Body Polishing
Body Polishing is a treatment similar to a “facial” but for the body. Provides a smoother, fresher looking arms, legs, back.. 
Use Blueberry Seed Polish  as a ultra- moisturising exfoliator, to treat arms, legs, back, neck etc. Provides a toned, radiant and smooth feel, fading spots, fine lines, folds. Also richly nourishes very dry skin, and subsides itch-causing bacteria.
from left: Pure Rose Creme, Beauty Secret Masque, Active Stretchmarks Reducer

6. Manicure/ Pedicure
For hands & feet, 
Use Blueberry Seed Polish  as a ultra- moisturising exfoliator for immediately firmer, smoother & clearer hands.
Use Beauty Secret Masque in addition for extra- wrinkled hands for  even-toned, clarifying effect.

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