Thursday, January 22, 2009

Corneal Molding: Correcting Your Vision Overnight

What is Accelerated Orthokeratology or Corneal Molding?

It is a contact lens program designed to reduce or eliminate myopia (near-sightedness) and astigmatism (irregular eye surface).
This procedure utilizes a special contact lens (corneal mold) to gently and safely change the surface of the eye in order to naturally improve vision.

How long does Accelerated Orthokeratology take?

It depends on the severity of the problem.
Some people are able to see 20/20 after wearing the corneal molds overnight.
For most people the best vision will occur after 2-6 weeks.

What are the benefits of Accelerated Orthokeratology?

Better vision without help from glasses or contact lenses within days to weeks;
Free of risks associated with laser surgery (see next section);
Occupational vision demands may be met for careers such as pilots, policemen, firemen or any job that requires better visual acuity;
Helps prevent progression of near-sightedness in children (see “What about using Ortho-K in children?”).

How does Ortho-k compare with Laser vision surgery?

Ortho-K is not a surgical procedure. Since there is no cutting or burning of tissue, there is no possibility of scarring to the cornea (outer surface of the eye). Scar tissue with resulting decreased night vision is a possible side effect of laser surgery;
Ortho-K is reversible which means a maintenance regimen is needed to maintain the new shape of the cornea;
Ortho-K costs less than laser surgery by about half;
There is no post-operative discomfort as can be the case with surgery.


  1. Corneal Molding has a benefit over LASIK in that it can be done on children. Recent studies have indicated that this can prevent nearsightedness from progressing. Clear View Eye Care

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