Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soy Protein- Good or Bad? Protein or Hormone Disruptor?

Soy is one of the most controversial foods today, vilified as either a harmful substance or praised for its nutritional superiority.

Negative aspects to soy:

it is a common allergen, difficult to digest for many , and typically grown as a genetically modified  (GMO) monoculture to make it a protein isolate, as powders, Soy Milk,
This  industrially produced fractionated form of soy protein isolate is what is consumed in America (& India) as processed meats from fast foods. (Mealmaker in India)
Certain research suggests that it is a Hormone disruptor, upping estrogen levels, and the side effects associated with it.

Positive aspects of Soy
There is a difference between how Soy is traditionally consumed in Asian culture as opposed to what is being promoted now.
Its traditional whole foods forms- Fermented foods  are highly nutritious and healthy.
Traditional Asian cultures ingest about one ounce of soy daily on average, often in fermented forms such tempeh, miso, tamari, edamame, and tofu.

Many people who find that soy is harder to digest than other beans have an easier time digesting its fermented versions.
So it seems that, soy, eaten in its fermented form, in moderation, is beneficial as a high protein phytoestrogen, with all of the inherent benefits, including increased bone density; fewer menopausal symptoms; and lowered incidence of breast, uterine, and prostate cancers.

Soy, in my opinion, is a medicinal bean, rather than an ideal staple source of protein.

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  1. Genetic modification may not be harmless after all?

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