Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anti-Aging Beauty Mask- Look instantly youthful- Pics from Holistic Serums

The Beauty Secret Masque from HolisticSerums

is a unique Anti-aging Mask which will make you look instantly youthful- well.. after 25-30 mins.
Made with special ingredients: Ayurvedic Aswagandha, mineral -rich Dead Sea Mud,  detoxifying Activated Charcoal, anti-oxidant -rich Pomegranate Peel, enzyme-rich Bee Pollen & Honey and other goodies

Holistic Serums are Anti-aging Serums & Cremes with 100% natural ingredients. Free of color, fragrance, preservatives, synthetic chemicals & water.
This mask gives incredible results even in a single use as the pic shows.
Notice the firming of the cheeks and around the lips, smoothing of wrinkled furrows on the neck and a youthful looking glow on the face. Mild anti-tan activity is also seen. 
Since it is detoxifying, skin feels cleaner and fresher, smoother and suppler.
Effect of this firming & tightening of skin remains for about 1 week.
 This is not a lightening product.

How to use: Mix a small amount of mask with a few drops of water, or any floral water- Orange Blossom hydrosol is my favorite. Make it a thin, almost watery, paste. Apply on Face, Neck, Hands & Feet and any wrinkled areas. Wash off after 30 minutes for smooth, youthful skin.
Flower bowl with Mask at the Trade Show- a Big Hit because of the instant results!

Sample jar (blackish) is behind the 3 off-white creams.

Trial size (below) comes with a mini-brush for application.
Gives 5-6 uses for Face. Great as a pre-Party mask.
Color of the Mask is brown-black and has a thick texture. 

Below is the 1oz size Jar, which can give 25-30 uses for Face. US & International Buy Here

Beauty Secret Masque is part of our Anti-Aging Sampler Kit - A great way to sample our Anti-aging Bestsellers

If in India, See here

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