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Importance of Chanukah to a Christian - Look to your Root.

Jewish Roots : Chanuka or Hanukkah

I've never read the story of Chanukah, and was amazed at the rich symbolizm in it.
God says, look to your root (to Abraham & Sarah who bore you) - and this has all the making of a root.

President Bush lighting the Menorah with the middle candle which is lit first. Every night, a candle is lighted.
The middle candle is called Shamash meaning "Helper" or "Servant", which are names used for the Holy Spirit and Jesus, the Lighter & Light of our lives.

The following is an modified version by Pr. Larry Huch. See full article here until available.

Chanukah (meaning Dedication) celebrates the Miracle of Deliverance and Supernatural Provision for God's people, 150+ years before Jesus was born.
The armies of Alexander the Great plundered Israel and later, Antiochus, defiled the Temple in Jerusalem. In this persecution, a Jewish priest named Mattathias and his sons – led a successful rebellion, and cast out the invaders.

Then they prepared cleanse and re-dedicate the Temple to God and light
the Menorah, the light that was supposed to burn perpetually, symbolizing the presence and power of God dwelling with His people continually. .
But there was a serious problem: a lack of oil to light the menorah. This special oil, only to be prepared by the priests, took 7 days to prepare.

They had enough consecrated oil for a single day and began the 7 day- long process of preparing fresh oil. But in the meantime, as an act of faith, they went ahead and lit the menorah … to release the presence of God again in the Temple.
The next day, to their amazement, the menorah was still burning.
It burned the next day, and the next, and the next … it burned continuously, for eight full days – when they finally had a fresh supply of consecrated oil!

God had superceded the laws of physics!

What is of value to us, is that Jesus celebrated Chanukah. John 10, the Feast of Dedication.
Jesus, the Light of the World, has come to Jerusalem for the Festival of Lights. where He plainly states- I and My Father are One.

Because Chanukah, is a picture of God’s power and presence among His people, Jesus shows us an incredible opportunity for the Release of Miracles into your life

Why should you celebrate this special season? So that you can discover a new dimension of God's divine presence, His promise of miracle provision in your life!

Chanukah is also a time for special tzedakahs – acts of righteous charity and good deeds.
Today I ask you to continue the tradition of tzedakah at Chanukah with a special gift of support for our ministry.
Modified from Pastor Larry Huch's web message. See full article here until available.

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Blessings in Christ.
Esther Jo

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