Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tummy Tucker Xtra with White Lotus Ext: A Natural Serum for firming: Product

Tummy Tucker Xtra is one of our unique serums - and there probably are a very few like it on the market, or even none.
It has a single benefit that users notice, is specifically geared for those with rapid weight loss, like moms, and that is this : it reduces and firms sagging skin in the stomach area.

When the body undergoes rapid weight loss, skin cannot immediately shrink back along with the loss in fat.
As a result it sags. This sagging skin is a cause of great discomfort- apart from an actual Tummy tuck operation to remove this skin, there really is nothing that can help it.

It isnt fat to be burnt  or muscle to be toned with exercise. In fact, many times, it hides toned & taut muscles under it.

Tummy Tucker Xtra, a revved up version of our original blend Tummy Tucker, helps this problem. It has been a best-seller for us in the Body category since a few years

Enhanced with White Lotus extract and Orchid Extract, these smooth, waxy flowers produce oils that help give a smooth, porcelain type finish. Just like Orchid Face-Lift Serum works by delicately lifting the contours of the face, Tummy Tucker Xtra does a heavier job for lifting skin around the belly.
The main difference between the two is that Orchid Face Lift Serum also tones and clarifies through the added essential oils so Face is made as spotless as possible.


"I had a little extra skin that would hang over my pants after I had my baby and since using the Tummy Tuck Extra it is all gone, my stomach is flat again!! I absolutely love it! " Andrea G, Canada

" bought the Tummy Tucker Extract because I got on a diet and was affraid to get sagging loose skin and I am happy to say I have lost 5 inches around my tummy area and I have no loose skin it is firming up as I am loosing the weight and inches, I am very happy with your product I use it daily a little goes a long way I used it along with the " Lina C

It is an all-natural serum, without preservatives or any added chemicals.

For moms who already have a lot of sagging skin over many years, and for plus-size moms, 2oz is recommended.
A little goes a long way. One of our customers bought 2 X 2oz bottles and had to keep one in the fridge!
The sample size will give about 5-7 applications and sometimes this is all thats required.

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Ingredients include  moisturizing Shea Oil, Hawaian, age-old remedy for skinfirming Organic Kukui Nut oil. White Lotus  with properties to reduce water retention. Other oils include Aloe extract, Vitamin E and Organic seabuckthorn berry oils to improve stretchmarks and firm skin texture.
To Use: Apply to the lower part of belly, sagging skin and to sides of stomach which are the supporting muscles. Allow atleast 10 minutes for the synergy to sink in before putting on clothes. Use twice a day,or atleast when going to bed. This is more helpful as gravity isnt working on it and faint results may be noticed each morning

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