Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Perfect Pearl of an Answer to the Seeker of a 1000 questions: Christians & Circumstance and, therefore, of Christ

Many times in life, I’ve faced uncomfortable questions from different people.
And I could never answer, them or myself,  with my faith, strong & unwavering, neither my analytic abilities, nor the depth of spiritual insight.
But the Perfect Answer, for the 1000 different questions, was not fully formed- until the years of pressure piled up the layers on that sand grain to make it the Pearl- the Perfect Pearl of an Answer.

And some of the questions, maybe, you have more, run like this-
Why do many, many Christians think and act like they have the right to fix anything, why do they suffer this feeling of moral superiority?
Why do some take the name of God and try to make other people, in words, or deeds- suffer in order to change.
And why is it, that people who are spiritual and good, face things that the evil should?

And the Perfect Answer needs a setting to understand- like a Pearl needs a string to be worn.

Christians relate to Christ in different ways and their understanding of Christ comes from their relationship. Because each relationship confers distinct rights, these are the things they try to impose on others.
It may or may not seem wrong, depending on your perspective.

To some christians,
Christ is an Family Friend, bringing good gifts when good, bad when bad and that is how they talk about Christianity to other people. Follow Christ or go to hell. Get fixed, or else. And that, too, is true.

To some,
He is a Doctor, someone to take medicine from. And they talk about Christ like someone who will help if prayed to, who has come to do good, more than anyone else. That too, is true

To some,
He is a Family Member, Who will take part in daily circumstances, help a bit through the tough circumstances of life, as much as possible.  And they think life which comes at them, is what has been written by Him for them, and it is necessary to bear it so - nothing too bad will happen.

And there may be many other levels of relationship.
And these imperfect relationships, and rights, make already imperfect humans say and do things that people are offended by.
And while they may not mean harm in their heart, their inherent weaknesses, and their human drives, generally aggravate and twist something right into wrong. 

And they try to push or goad or drag you to Christ.

But as we rise to the Highest levels of relationship, 
To that of the Sum Total of the desire of life- He is the beat of the heart.
And the thought of the human mind will bend to Him, and the hate of the heart will change to Him.
And sometimes this imperfect human will say things, hear things, do things and get things done to them - things that should not be heard or borne.

But one chosen to reach this level, for many are indeed called, but few opt to be chosen,- to aspire to look away from the world and gaze upon the Face of the Divine-

For a Pearl is formed only through the injection of sand grains- and the Pearl that is Christ's Heart, can only be formed in yours, as He injects irritants, and piles on pressure, and lets it alone for the time it needs to form.
 He injects, and He bruises, and it is right that it be so, because to gain such a Pearl as this, to feel a Love like this, a man can sell his life, and his soul.

But why?
Because, in order for men to give up their souls,
in order Create new hearts,
in order to change the world,
 He needs an Oyster that can bear a bruise, and show a Pearl.

And the days are coming, and now are,
To put on public display
Christ, the brightness of the Father's Glory
and the express image of His Person

upholding all things by the word of His power

When broken earthen pots, will show the treasures of the richness of God.
And this is the calling of God- to awe the nations with the in-esteemable riches of His glory- so that all may be Drawn to Him- not pushed or dragged..

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