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How-to on Serious Fat-burning- Part 2-Adding Protein to Diet. All about Shakes. Amway Herbalife

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Part 2 of How to Maximise Results & Drop Dress Sizes in India: on Changing Diet with Protein Shakes: Why Change, How to Change, What to Change, and What it will cost. - - economic alternatives, ingredients, My current Fat-burning Optimized Daily Meal.

As a 30+ Mom living in India, these posts are part of my ongoing journey in weightloss.

I believe that to truly get a handle on weightloss is very challenging physically and psychologically, and  you have to empower yourself.
Weightloss is only a physical manifestation of how we change what we are.
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This Post is Part 2 on this list:
  1. See Post on Motivation & demotivating factors in India
  2. Changing Diet : All about Protein Shakes - ingredients
  3. Optimum Exercise
  4. Flattering Clothes ( = motivation. close the cycle)
This post is targeted to the 75kg+ or 160lb+ person who wants to burn fat, healthily, with dietary changes and exercise. I meant to title it as weightloss, but the truth of it is I weigh more now, because of higher muscle mass, even though I look thinner.

Pre-Protein. 1 year ago.
Post-Protein, Now -
almost similar exercise routine.
Why Change Diet?.
Why can’t I portion control and lose it? Maybe, you can- after a real long time, (I think) but this is serious, constant, weight loss we're talking about, faster than normal, but healthy, not crash dieting.
For 15+ years, I've been active physically, in any of the following activities, hitting the gym, swimming, aerobics, heavy hands, etc. I shifted to Core exercises, Pilates about 4-5 years ago, and found strengthening of the body core muscles.
But I realized that there was hardly any change in terms of inch loss, or change in the body structure.

See, I was toning muscle, but not burning enough fat to show. all the carbs would still add on everyday, coz exercise makes you hungry.
Then I found that to lose inches, you need to change DIET
Now, What to change to?
Here’s the math on diet.
Filling Food (FF) = Carbs, Protein, Fat, (+Enzymes, Vitamins )
This is very simplified info
Higher the amount of protein consumed, more the fat the body burns.

Bodybuilders consume 1.5-2g of Protein per kg of body weight. meaning,- A body builder, with very low body-fat content,  weighing 80kg (or 180lbs) consumes upto 160g protein

The regular southIndian meal gives 60-70% Carbs, 20-30%Protein, and about 10%Fat (Oils)
Generally not more than 5-10g protein per meal,  – so about 15-30g in a day. Atleast, this was what I was getting.
Check for protein content on Meat, eggs, Dal, Soy, etc and see how much you get per meal per day. Here’s a link

I added on extra Protein, about 15g in the morning and the inches started to move a bit. Over a few weeks, I pushed it to twice a day, 25g each –so that’s 50g protein + normal middday meal, and it really began to shake.

Remember, a body used to 20 g protein per day cannot digest 20g in one meal suddenly. So you need to add this on gently. First one meal, then the second. Add more fruit/ vegetable/ + fiber  + water to ease the transition.
Then add on the protein in small increments.
So- my current fat burning Diet Plan in a Day , I upped it last week- consists of
  1. Whole Milk (8-10g protein) + 30g Protein (shake+ isolate) in the morning
  2. Midday meal, heavy on the rice, coz I love my starch (maybe 5-6g protein, meat optional).
  3. Whole Milk (8-10g protein) + 30g Protein (shake+ isolate) in the evening
    So about 90g in a day,slightly higher than 1g protein/kg body weight.
    A tad high, yes, -but bear in mind, I'm trying to lose this year, what hasn't dented in 15-odd years.
    Now can I cut this protein down? Welll, I'll be sure to post here. But as I was explaining to my friend, I'd need to fill my stomach with other things, that'd have more fat, and therefore, this is not a smart move.
4. Snacks, mid-morning, mid-evening, and if I'm up later in the night, working, one more time- heavier on protein, lighter on carbs- Fruits, nuts preferred. Of course, I eat other things too, but not too much.
5. add in extra fiber (VERY IMPORTANT), Metamucil or  Isabgol-
Down at the bottom, I've added info on Metamucil plant- Plantago ovata
 6. 2-4 servings of healthy fats – ghee, cheese, butter, whole milk (goes into shake)
1 day in a week to splurge! low-protein, more chocolate, etc.

If you have the chance to drink (shake) in the first half hour of waking up, you get even better results. This may mean waking up a half hour earlier, just for yourself.
Now I make really yummy breakfasts for my kids, Idlis, Dosas, pesarattu, chutney and more... And it is difficult to not eat all this stuff, so I sample them midway between breakfast and lunch. So there's a 11'0 clock snack- right after my exercise.

Can you just take protein?
You'd have to add in all the nutrientsenzymes, that regular whole food and vegetables will give you. Most of the Protein Shakes/ Meal replacements are formulated to give you necessary nutrition.

Ok, Now how do I get all this protein.
I take regular protein shakes, and add protein isolates to up it to my current level.

Amway 's Positrim gives 15g protein in measured sachets. with amino acids,etc. Convenient, no-measure option, comes in Vanilla and Chocolate. Amway's ingredients are supposed to be made in their own farms. Expensive at 1900 INR for 15 sachets of 15g
Milk protein, soy protein, whey

Herbalife's Protein Shakes - gives  9g for 20servings, about 1500 INR  approx same as above
Herbalife's Protein Isolate abt 900INR for 33 servings of 5g. This is non-vitaminized. This is how I add up the higher protein requirement. Amway's protein Isolate, around the same price.

British Nutrition's Whey Protein, 20g , 33 servings, abt 2000 INR - so this is better bang. There's also a 25g option for 2400, I havent tried that
Right now trying the Slow-Release Protein Version 23g Protein, 25 servings at 2000 INR

Oops! Forgot Lindbergh's Whey! If you're in the US, this is, IMO, the perfect option, not too expensive, and good quality ingredients. 25g protein, all the vitamins, easy to mix! and I got a free shaker. Taste... well... not as sweet as the others, but you can always add extra Stevia, right

The most economic option for taking Protein, if slightly inconvenient, is a combo of Protein Isolate + Ensure, a meal replacement, 7 servings for 400 INR, 7g protein.

let me add just a line here-
All protein is not equal.
By all means, steer away from Soy Products which is being touted as excellent protein, most of them are GMO (genetically modified) and soy has been studied to raise oestrogen levels, which gives an excitable state, instead of a calming state of mind (+ other things)

In India, where ingredients listing is not mandatory, it gets to be a dumping ground for what the US no longer consumes- you need to be careful with soy. The only Non-GMO Soy milk I've seen here is Silk .

Also, people using protein need to check on other supplements that would get depleted. I have a post on Potassium here related to muscle loss.

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Here's the info on Metamucil from the Coconut Cleanse page
"Some unusual facts on Psyllium Husk (Metamucil) / Isabgol/ plantago ovata

Its Fiber is soluble & insoluble.
Soluble fiber has better benefits in certain ways by binding to fat, heart healthy etc (need to update this) whereas insoluble main benefit is to add bulk & clear the intestine.
Effect of soluble fiber in 1 TPSP psyllium = 14 TBSP oat bran.
Approximately 71 grams of fiber for 1/3 cup.

Some studies suggested that regular use of psyllium husk may help pass more fat as waste matter, translating to weight loss.
Some suggest psyllium husk may be helpful in lowering blood sugar counts.

An article in Pediatrics (1995) stated that consuming a high fiber diet, ( i.e., psyllium,) from a young age may even decrease the future risk of cardiovascular disease, colon cancers (especially colon types), and onset of diabetes.

It is important to take it with care, apart from complaints of bloating or gas when first using the product. Most doctors suggest taking several weeks to work up to a full dose of this dietary fiber. Early reactions might include diarrhea and flatulence.

The most important thing to remember when taking psyllium husk is to take it with lots of water. Drinking a full glass with the supplement, and six or seven more glasses a day is recommended."
You are drinking Water, loads of it, right?

And thats it. Now go over to the exercise page. Link when I finish writing it.

Is it worth it?
You betcha


  1. I enjoyed reading this article, and you ARE gorgeous. !

    Steve Reardon

  2. Thank you, Steve!
    Appreciation always helps Motivation :)


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