Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mom's Day Out

Pr Deeven & Pr Vijaya who planned the party in honor of Mom n Dad
Today, my Mom went out after a very long time. There was a drizzle, and it was cool weather, not what would help her bones at all. But it was something she was invited to, and there were people who wanted to honor her work.
She had been sick for quite a while, and I held her hand as she walked carefully.

Prolonged illness and care-giving had put my full focus on the moment- Life had meant Here and Now for a long time.
But as people spoke about her, I began to remember all the fine things-
these people from our Church made us remember- that here was a fine woman who had opened her heart and home to many, many people while she was young and strong- 
and my dad, who supported her all the way.
 He was living in another city on a job transfer- it couldn't have been easy for him!
There was rarely much time spent with Mom- between her job as a school teacher, books translation, writing, and people who would come to her for prayer and guidance. 
Except the vacations! when we all would be a family together- Every year, a couple months of luxury, rest of the time hard work.
Pr. Isaachar just behind, who remembered many of the old times.
She talked about her testimony, where she had lost her eyes to Typhoid, got treated by a doctor who injected her eyes for 3 months and gave up. She wanted to do something for God in those small packets of time where she had her sight- she had a Bachelors' in Literature, so she began to translate a small booklet into her native language Telugu.
By the time she was done, God made a miracle and restored one eye. The other one went blind.
She went on to do her Masters' and out of her gratitude, her life has flowed.
Into many, many people.

Mom being led out while I take the pics

God has been good.
Over the last year, there were times when she gave up on her life, and so did all of us.
But, God did not let her die in her weakness, or in our loss of faith.
The Giver & Sustainer of Life.
Faithful and True is He.
Blessed be His holy Name.

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