Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exploring the Orchid, Product Review: Orchid Face-lift Serum

Orchid Face-lift Serum, our "Fountain of Youth" !
Results say that it works as close to a Botox-in-a-bottle as possible.
Incredible skin tightening effects and lift are seen with it about 1-2 weeks for an eye-opening, face-lifting results.
L Duke send her Customer pics & Testimonial (2010)

2014 Client Pics & Testimonial & more on Orchid Serum

It uses Precious Orchid Oil
The orchid flower, national flower of Thailand & Singapore, has been used in Asia for centuries for its reparative and protective properties. Orchids are known for their emollient properties, antioxidant properties and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Ideal for all skin types and rich in minerals, which exist naturally in the skin, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper, Orchid Oil is an ingredient in Porcelain Doll : Orchid Serum & Tummy Tucker Xtra : for giving the appearance of firmer mid-riff skin.

This super potent plant lipid, provides seeds the energy that they need to survive during the germination process. Since it is a lipid, it feels smooth and light, and is immediately absorbed on contact, unlike an oil.

For optimum extraction of Orchids' essential oils, the flowers are infused into an emollient base in an oxygen- rich environment. Cymbidium grandiflorum flowers are used in this process.

It forms the active ingredient in Orchid FaceLift Serum with superb smoothing and clarifying properties. The different essential oils used in it help reduce wrinkles and folds, a great difference is seen along the jawline where sagging skin is easily seen. The trick is to use the most minimum quantity possible, a few precious drops are enough to cover the entire face.

Also a component of Original Tummy Tucker Xtra Serum, which, along with other ingredients, aids the speedy reduction of a pospartum sagging belly, by increasing collagen and elastin in that area and making the flabby skin to shrink inwards.

Orchid Extract, is clinically tested to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic and is gentle for use even for sensitive individuals.
Its usage in beauty and bath product formulations has multiple benefits.

I found an Orchid Serum with similar ingredients Guerlain 'Orchidée Impériale' Serum
The claims are nearly the same as ours, though much better- written and packaged and priced. $400

A new anti-aging concentrate for an instant rejuvenating effect. This unique serum contains the highest level of Imperial Orchid molecular extract. It releases its anti-aging benefits at the heart of the skin with a more intensive rejuvenating effect thanks to a Biofilm technology. This new, ultra-sophisticated formulation tightens, restores radiance and enhances the complexion. Smooth and beautiful, your skin immediately glows with a new youthfulness and regains firmness, strength and density. When used with the Orchidée Impériale Cream, this sumptuous elixir creates the most precious of synergies, for the ultimate performance on all the signs of aging.
  • By Guerlain.

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