Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Favoritest Customer of 2010!

Its Official! L Duke is Our Favoritest Customer of  2010

She gives us feedback, sends suggestions, links and so much more. The pics she sent a few days ago were the icing on the cake- We love you Lynn!

Scroll down to see what she says and uses.

Doesn't She look Lovely?
What packs so much punch?

1. Orchid Facelift Serum
 It will firm, smooth and lift overblown contours of face, especially useful during or after a weight loss process when skin sagging happens. Works in days. This is what our clients call "Fountain of Youth" We like to say it works like a Botox-in-a-bottle.

Uneven skin tone is clarified and gives an even tone
Also works for anti-tanning. Sun- Tanned skin is evened and lightened noticeably, skin literally glows.
Read the Vegan Beauty Review on Orchid "knock 10 years off"
Read More details on precious ingredient of Orchid Extract

Orchid Serum US Pkg
India Pkg

 2. PURE ROSE CREME (prev Rose Anti-Wrinkle Nite Creme) to smooth out wrinkles, improve skin texture, give clarity and even-ness in days. 2nd on out Private label requests.

Uses precious Rose Otto. Worth in weight is more than Gold.
Excellent rejuvenating properties. A must-have for anyone above 30 to keep that youthful glow, remove scars, blemishes, detoxify skin and give clarity to face and remove dullness and lifelessness. Also fades Stretchmarks.
1 jar lasts 3-4 months with regular use. Sample size will last over 3 weeks.
See pics using Rose Creme for fading burn scars, acne scars
See Pricing & Availability in India

Scroll down to see which other products she loves
We put together a bunch of Lynn's email:

"All your products are exceptional and leaves my face feeling... "real"... not covered over with chemicals...but feeling like a real face with real soft skin --
and acne wash is super amazing too!... i need to order some more of that...i've developed adult acne this year and never ever had any trouble...but get it on my check and forhead i want to do that acne wash daily to see how that helps...the Drs had me on daily antiboitics ...which does get rid of it...but i hate being on it daily..
(Pics sent by Lynn - not edited except for some extra contrast/brightness)

i.. use the pigmitation (pigmentation) scrub daily to work on my age spots and sun spots on my face...
- my face felt SOOOO good afterward...clean like i've never felt my skin!!

.. mom tried your products and she's in LOVE with them too!...the mask she (Mom) did the clay mask (Bee Pollen Pomegranate Scrub/Mask) last night and her face is still glowing today!

i love the night cream (Rose Nite Creme)...i wake up feeling moisturizered and refreshed..i had been using that already and sometimes use that in the AM...just a small amount

The cold relief helped me breathe within 5 minutes my passages cleared up in my nose...(temporarily)..i have super bad allergies and stuffy draining nose daily ...they have me on daily meds for allergies which i don't take much ...only when i get tired of not being able to breathe...i dont like daily medication that well...

thank you for producing such great products that actually work on our skin!!

I am so EXCITED you picked me as the 2010 Customer! FUN!!
wonderful on all the awesome products ...
i loveddddd the face wash product..t!!!

L.Duke, NC US

What L Duke has been getting from us 

Orchid Anti-aging Serum - Our botox-in-a-bottle - it is a Firming , lifting Serum to knock 10 years off (repeat)

Rejuvenating Rose Anti-wrinkle Nite Creme to reduce wrinkles & folds (repeat) This is the one we most private label after Natural Hairgrow.

Rose Eye Wrinkle Eraser to reduce eye wrinkles by 40%
Lip Rejuvenator (Lip Restorer) to reduce lip wrinkles, lighten lip color,make firmer, fuller, smoother.
Bestselling Natural Hairgrow to reduce hairfall, promote regrowth
Pomegranate Bee Pollen Mask to clarify, give a glow and detoxify (repeat)- this is an awesome mask, full of antioxidants and enzymes. Excellent for sensitive mature skin.
Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

Products ship internationally from US website

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