Friday, July 22, 2016

Exercise with Arthritis Joint Pain Mobility Stretches VIDEO Links

Intense Exercise with Joint pains or Arthritis, Rheumatoid or otherwise, require special Stretches to be incorporated into your routine
Here are some that I found very helpful to understand what was going wrong.

Neck -Arm radiating stretches

Shoulder Pain Relief & Isometrics - I like many of this doc's videos because they are much more easier to do.
frozen shoulder exercises | regular shoulder exercises

Hip Mobility Routine 8 exercises | Hip Flexors/ Psoas

Sciatic Stretches | More about Sciatica

Knee Rehab Pilates

I also use Hot Thai Pain Relief Oil, made with special Thai Oils from Traditional Chinese Medicine called Plai. Read about Plai
This oil helps in mobility of joints, and relieves bone and joint pain unlike other preparations which mainly relieve muscle pain.

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