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How Your Skin Ages | How to Protect & Nourish Your Skin, Make It Fresh & Youthful

The Deal with Skin is that it Ages.
 At about 20 years of age, Skin is said to be at its most healthy, all cells working at optimum level.

As we age, many Skin issues pop up-
1. Pimples leave Marks (left to themselves, they take years to fade. Marks stay more than 10 years!)
2. Skin gets an uneven tone, some areas are darker, some lighter
3. Thicker Skin, i.e., dead cell buildup. And over the years, its not a pretty sight. This robs skin of a light reflecting surface, the Translucence that young skin has.
4. Folds & Sagging- as we age, there is just not enough elastin and collagen to keep Skin fighting gravity. The naso labial folds around the cheeks next to the nose are by far the hardest thing to improve on.
5. Wrinkles- the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth show that you have been careless first.
6. Dark circles under the eyes
7. Weight Loss comes with its own set of concerns.

Serious concerns like Pigmentation, Acne, Cellulite, all of which do not allow skin to effectively function.

What age does this all happen?

Its not a hard and fast rule- Men & Women over 50 have great skin due to a combination of genes, exercise, diet.

But, it is more common that, even at 20, some girls, and boys, have dreadful skin because they have been careless with it- not protecting from the sun, if going through weight loss, they haven't taken care of the Skin,
Also a diet heavy in fast food, means bad skin.
See Age-wise description of Skin

Women's Skin Aging (& Hair loss) is different from Men, so they will benefit from starting on Anti-aging procedures sooner. At 35+ both Men & Women need a lot of help, in general to have wonderful skin again.

Why do you need to go through anti-aging procedures?

If you feel good in your own skin, all the other concerns are minimized.
The most stylish dress will not make a major difference, if skin still looks dated.
Jewelry and Clothes should highlight the beauty of Skin, not try to hide it.

Plus the feel-good factor, when you are taking the best care of your skin and it shows the results.

Confidence in social situations
, instead of wondering if some one else is looking better.

Most importantly, Your Lifestyle decides whether your Skin (& Hair) needs to be the Best it can be, or if its ok to just age gracefully.

Benefits of Using 100% natural Anti-aging  Holistic Serums Regularly.

 1. Holistic Serums are like MultiVitamins for your Skin.
2. They compete with Clinical Procedures (used Regularly) plus
3. Gain Fresh, Youthful skin that even those procedures do not give- only our Rare, Natural ingredients impart this. Extracts from Roses, Orchids, Gold, Pomegranates, Blueberries, Dead Sea Mud, Ayurvedic ingredients all go into our Serums and give additional benefits that no other products & procedures do. See Pics
4. Non- invasive
5. Convenient to Use
6. Extremely Economic compared to other Procedures, the Time and effort to get the same effect.

Holistic Serums are made for Child-like Skin

Holistic Serums are Handmade in Texas, USA with the Best of the Best Natural Ingredients, rare ingredients costing above the price of Gold. We do not cut corners with our ingredients.
We have painstakingly researched for years to find the best combinations that work for all skins.

Available : Custom Wedding Kits for Perfect Skin for that Perfect Date.

See Best Age-wise Product Recommendations See Facial Kits for a 4-week Skin Care System.
Write to care121@gmail,com for Questions on Skin care and Custom Kits.

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Enjoy the Rare, Exclusive Thrill of Nature Working to beautify your Face!

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