The Price of Rejuvenation: Holistic Serums vs others

Holistic Serums are Topical Rejuvenating Treatments for Hair & Skin rejuvenation .For Skin and Hair to re-turn to their optimal levels,  the look of Time turned back.

Pricing of Holistic Serums

Lowest level skin care are Beauty products for maintenance - Washes, Cleansers, Moisturisers, Scrubs, Masks- we offer a few.
Once Hair, Face and Body need extra help, Treatments are used.

Invasive techniques like Botox, forgetting possible side-effects, are used for the Rejuvenated Look. Periodic touch-ups.

Anti-aging serums are like high-end makeup, but lasting longer. After 1-2 weeks of stopping usage, skin will be just the way it used to be before.
No Rejuvenating Benefits in commercial Serums They produce beautiful results when applied.
 Holistic Serums allow Rejuvenation to touch you in one of the simplest ways- as a topical Serum or Cream, used at your convenience. When compared to treatments in Beauty Clinics, a great deal of Time & Effort (and price!), Convenience alone would more than make up for the price.

Ingredients are Expensive
The Natural ingredients which provide the benefits of Rejuvenation- Very special, spectacular ingredients are processed together for this, the most expensive, select ingredients- Turkish Rose Oil, Madagascar Myrtle, etc.
Extensive Research, 100s of ingredients thrown away till the perfect Solution was made.
These factors go into pricing our serums.
These are still Maker Prices, there is no middleman- so you are getting the best price possible.

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