Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Visible Signs of An Aging Face- Where & Why they Occur and What You can Use for it

Visual signs of Aging occur due to
1. thinning of 3 Skin layers – epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat, 
2. Changes in the facial bone structure and size.

The most common areas, from a Skin Clinic's perspective
that when improved give a Youthful Appearance are given below.
pic for representation :

1 Dynamic wrinkles due to facial expressions- need constant treatment, even after the most effective treatment, the same facial expressions creates new wrinkles.

2 Fine wrinkles - cheeks, sporadic treatments, Masks , skin firming creams, and serums

3 Skin fold wrinkles - nasolabial fold due to sagging of cheeks- laugh lines, wrinkles that go from noses to chins. A difficult area to treat,, constant use.

Many of our Serums, with consistent use, eliminate invasive procedures by nourishing Skin and maintaining Youthful look.

Read about
 Rose Oil, Ancient Beauty Ingredients from Cleopatra's Time for Freshly sweet skin.
Orchid Essence, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to keep Skin lastingly firm
Aphrodite's Myrtle used in Angel Water to keep Skin Angelic

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