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First Monthly Newsletter. 20% Discount & Sample Offer

Newsletter Issue 1
Dear Readers,

We are excited to be starting our First BiMonthly Newletter.
I know a lot of people do monthlies, and some even weeklies, but, trust us, thats all we have time for.
But we do have a lot of things to share, a special discount, and informative articles.

We're celebrating Someone SPECIAL!

Our CEO, Ruth Rose, has a birthday coming up on June 17
To commemorate the occasion, we have a new 100% natural product, Ruth's Renewing Rub - a smoothing, moisturing all-over Body Polisher with Ayurvedic ingredients to leave clarified, eventoned & younger looking skin. A free sample to purchases on or before the 17th.

Also, Special Discount  till the 17th- 20% on purchases above $50.

In this Bimonthly issue,
[] For the first time, we share the Story behind the Serums

[] Article on Controlling Cravings with Essential Oils

[] Many evangelists brought us out with a positive attitude when we faced tough times. Evangelist of the month : Joel O'Steen, the "Favor" man.

Health :  blogposts
[] Non-allergenic eczema soap : Savon de Marseilles
[] Moms: Reducing belly fat with The Coconut Colon Cleanse

We hope you like what you read.
In the following months, we have a lots of happenings including, new products, giveaways & special offers.
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Warm Regards,

Esther Jo & Ruth Rose 


Story of the Serums

Many of our customers call our Serums “Miracles”, the “Fountain of Youth” and say they made them look 10 years younger. One of our clients was kind enough to share her unbelievable personal photos. Thank you, L Duke.

It started with a Prayer.
Weeks after my son was born, in St. Louis, Missouri, I stood before the mirror and took a good, hard look at myself.
My hair & face & body looked so old, it was terrifying.
I looked 10 years older than my age – and my already dipping self esteem dipped to an all-time low.

As I shared with God my anguish & fears, a verse from the Bible leapt up and stuck into my mind, showing it from an angle I had never seen it from.
Faith rose up like a wall.

*“God, Renew my Youth”, I prayed, or rather, it would be more precise to say, the entirety of my being screamed it out. I stopped thinking about it “spiritually” - I had a physical need. And that word became real.

(* “Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle” Ps. 103)

In the days that followed, using only the oils & extracts in my apartment, I saw a transformation in me:
1. I had hairloss & a receding hairline that regrew,
2. After losing 20+ pounds, my face, which had lost much of its structure became firm and clear. I had a glow that I had only seen after some very expensive facials.
3. Body became firmer & younger looking, stretchmarks were fading, cellulite was being smoothed.
Yes, I was in a really, really bad way.

But how did it happen?
It started with something else.

My background
Over the years, I worked as a Civil Engineer, Graphic, Multimedia & Instructional Designer. One of my passions included Aromatherapy & herbal remedies.
I would make healing synergies for myself, friends with Acne & skin problems, mom’s Rheumatic pains & any other things that people asked for help with. I was very much aware of the healing power of natural oils.

When my daughter, was born with eczema, I was frustrated with the relentless suffering.
The only available temporary relief was from corticosteroids. But, not only do steroids have terrible side effects, they push the eczema into the body making future outbreaks worse, finally needing stronger steroids. It is a Catch 22 situation.

When I saw that some extracts brought from India reduced an outbreak for a few days, I determined to find a natural cure for her eczema.

I researched properties of natural oils - like their content of essential fatty acids aiding immunity development, etc. Any natural ingredient, from any place on earth, if there were studies or info that it helped with eczema, if it was for sale, I would get it and use it.

When I finally found a cure, it was relief beyond words that I could put something on her, and the eczema would die down in the next few days.

When we saw how helpful it was to her and to several friends, both children and adults, we wanted to make it available to others and put it up for sale online.
It is called Surestop to Eczema. Through many months, we've modified it to fit a wide variety of needs. It is a hypoallergenic, USDA Organic synergy available in 4 strengths. About 60% users say they have relief.
This is our labor of love.

After inventing Surestop, I was left with an enormous stash of natural extracts & oils.
They were too expensive to throw out, so, about a year later, after my prayer, I opened my cupboards and began to use them on myself.
And that’s when the transformation happened.

The natural oils & extracts gave phenomenal rejuvenating benefits to hair, skin & body. Many OTC products I had bought over the years for my 20-yr old stretchmarks & cellulite came nowhere close to these!

With the help of Ruth, a Quality Chemist & Computer Analyst, we started our home business, with our handmade creations, calling them Holistic Serums- Holistic because “whole” oils are used and Serums because of the “high active ingredient concentrations.”
Read post on Serums vs treatment lotions

Our Serums were created because God allowed a difficult situation to discover the power of desperate prayer.

Controlling Cravings with Essential Oils - a short Study.

Caldwell [Caldwell, N. 2001. & Associates Effects of ylang ylang on cravings of women with substance abuse] explored the effects of ylang ylang in a small, controlled study of 10 women suffering from cravings following withdrawal of substance abuse. All women were taking orthodox medication.

Each participant put 2 drops of oil on a cotton square which was put in the pillowcase for seven nights. The participants were also asked to put 2-3 drops of oil on a cotton handkerchief and to carry it for seven days, and smell it when a craving is experienced. The participants were asked to record the number of cravings, their intensity, and any other comments.

The results showed the number of cravings went down.
However, ylang ylang did not prevent the cravings completely. 80% of this very small experimental group believed “smelling the oil relieved the stress and anxiety of that moment.” Caldwell notes that ylang ylang’s positive effect might be enhanced by using a diffuser at night.


Apart from this study, there is anecdotal information on treating alcohol and substance abuse with essential oils which include essential oils of Clary Sage, Marjoram & Spikenard in addition to Ylang Ylang in similar method as above.
1 treatment even suggests using a few drops of the blend as patches on a bandaid !

1 thing to remember when Clary Sage is in the picture is to avoid alcohol, as the combination can cause nightmares- in the words of John Gerard's herbal, "Clary Sage when mixed with Wine causeth madnesse"

If anyone is interested to try it out, we'd be happy to make you some.


Evangelist of the month : Joel O'Steen

The man of Favor, whose theme is preaching on being a victor, not a victim.
Joel, who was never confident to step into his father's shoes, had issues with stammering and public speaking, went on to become the Pastor of the Lakewood Church, a converted basketball stadium and speaking God's favor to the largest congregation in North America.

Hearing His messages from start to finish is like a breath of God, completely capable of causing a personality change. No wonder, his books are on the Best-selling List!
Watch a current broadcast


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