Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Serums vs other treatment lotions

Nick Morante, Cosmetic Authority, says about Serums:

"Serums for the face and body are used to treat specific skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, skin redness or other skin problems. These serums are much more potent than conventional treatment creams or lotions (for these problems). Creams and lotions for the most part contain less than 10 percent, sometimes only 0.1% of the active ingredients to treat each specific skin condition. The major difference is that serums contain up to 70 percent or more active ingredients.

There are serums that contain extremely high concentrations of Retinol (a vitamin A derivative), vitamin C derivatives, vitamin E derivatives as well as other powerful antioxidants used to treat wrinkles and aging skin, and also act as super free radical scavengers. Serums can also contain high levels of extracts such as licorice, ginseng, grape seed extracts as well as many others all known to have specific healing and treatment functions and activity on the skin, without being listed as OTC drug ingredients.

The cost to formulate serums over conventional treatment creams and lotions is extremely high owing to the high concentration of active ingredients. This is obviously reflected in the retail cost of the product. Some serums are being marketed by private companies such as Bobbi Brown, Neutrogena or Almay."

Orchid Facial Serum, Holistic Serums
For over 8 years, we have created Serums using only Holistic, 100% natural ingredients taken from multi-disciplinary levels of Ayurved, Aromatherapy, TCM, Herbals.

Our compelling Handmade Serums can compete with the best in the market -
Because we have experienced the best of the Market,
We know their pros.
understand the depth of skin they touch, acknowledge their visible effects, the gladness they give..
We know their cons.
the time for the effect to taper off, leaving everything unchanged, with nothing but disillusionment.
Holistic Serums aspires to enhance the pros, reduce the cons-
They nourish the Skin intensely, and benefits are multi-level, more long lasting than top-of-the-line Serums of large name brands.
Being a small business, our con is packaging, an ongoing process of improvement. in small steps.
Unlike our Serums, which have already reached.
Our Luxury, exclusive serums are priced to stay accessible to the people who need them.

Read about Who Needs Holistic Serums

Holistic Serums, contain active ingredients in the quantity 50-100%, which is why they are extremely nourishing.
Holistic Serums provide maximum benefit- in terms of turning back the clock on the aging process, reducing hairloss & activating growth- which is natural, dehydration of body tissues, darkening.

The highest percentage of actives- 100% lies in our new, revved up In Too Deep (Body Serum) a highly effective combo for Body firming and smoothing. Unique serums like Tummy Tucker Xtra to firm skin in the lower belly region.

Our products contain no water!  no dilution of product.

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