Thursday, June 3, 2010

Video to show Natural non-dye alternative for Gray Hair: Natural Hairgrow Serum

Natural Hairgrow Serum is a 100% natural oil combo of 20+ oils, selected from various cultures, which are respected for their properties of promoting a healthy scalp and hair.
While it also shows hair regrowth & reduction in hairloss, this property of turning gray hair to its original color is interesting.  See also Hair Regrowth Progression Pics for alopecia & male pattern baldness.
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This Serum when applied to gray hair turns it to a darker gray immediately and over a few applications restores to original color.  Periodic maintenance is necessary, based on user. Upto 3-4 times in a month applied to white hair only.

This is the lower quality version for those who have trouble viewing the above file.

Hair doesnt grow dark from the roots but only on surface.

For Regrowth progression pics with Natural Hairgrow Serum go to this post

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