Monday, September 7, 2009

What our customers Say

Here are some of the email we have recently received- We have had amazing raves from our wonderful customers!

thank you for producing such great products that actually work on our skin!! you are a blessing to us women!! "

A P says,
"I liked the hair growth product very much and will ..order it again. I use virgin coconut oil on the baby daily and the exzema jelly when we're out and about. Thanks again, you're making great products."

JS says
"I must tell you, I'm really surprised at the results this (Orchid) serum has had on my skin! I received a free sample 5 days ago and what a difference! I've been having minor acne breakouts and the serum cleared it right up. I honestly was using it just for the heck of it because I don't have any wrinkles or saggy skin. It was free so I thought well, it couldn't hurt. Then my pimples started clearing up and even my husband said my skin was glowing. It's a big deal when he compliments me on my skin!"

KW, "I cant believe how long it takes to use one little bottle (of Orchid Serum).It sure only takes one little drop or two for the whole entire face."

I notice when I apply the ActiveStretchmark Reducer that it gives my skin this very warm sensation a few minutes after applying it. I kinda like it, actually. I feel like it's actively healing my marks."

"I had to look at your website, after seeing how good (my daughter's)Brittny's strechmarks looked. I cant wait to get the stuff I ordered, and there will be many more from the both of us!
I wanted to ask you if you had any magazines or anything? If so i would LOVE one!!
Thank you!!"

LD says, "i loveddddd the face wash product...tried it last night!!! All your products are exceptional and leaves my face feeling... "real"... not covered over with chemicals...but feeling like a real face with real soft skin!!

i think all women should have that pomegranate clay face mask

love the night cream...i wake up feeling moisturizered and refreshed..i had been using that already and sometimes use that in the AM...just a small amount"

T& M from Japan

"We've just started using the Orchid Serum and my
>> wife who has such sensitive skin that she's
>> rejected more products than i care to keep track of,
>> says this product is the best.

ciara says
"The hair grow serum is fantastic, it has really made a difference in such a short space of time"


The cold relief helped me breathe within 5 minutes my passages cleared up in my nose...but when i woke up it was back stuffy..i have super bad allergies and stuffy draining nose daily

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