Friday, August 22, 2008

What our customers say!

We thank all of our Customers for their kind words.

Some of them have been blogging about us- the most recent one about Natural Hairgrow - thank you, quite a few customers mentioned it.

Here are a few emails we got:

Orchid Antiaging Serum , previously Porcelain Doll

"I am really noticing difference in jawline with the orchid serum it is really good now"

'that bottle that you sent, I cant believe how long it takes to use one little bottle.It sure only takes one little drop or two for the whole entire face."

" have already told people about the products,I have very sceptical friends though but I can definetely see a difference in my face."

"At first I hesitated to buy the HairGrow but the Porcelain Doll (orchid serum) worked so well I thought I'd give it a try."

"I put it on my face as soon as I got out of the shower. It makes your face feel smooth.

I really love the porcelain doll oil it makes my face feel really good.

..loved the feeling that the porcelain doll left on my face, and how relaxing it smells"

Natural Hairgrow *Bestseller*

"However, I have received the item you sent and it works great. Thank you for your support and dedication to provide a pleasure experience and service to your customers, I won't forget it and I will spread this action to others. "

"It was doing pretty good and felt nice on hair when i was using it"

"I liked the hair growth product very much and will probably order it again"

"I have seen some new growth "

" I'm amazed by how soft and silky it can make the hair feel. Right now it's time for me to put a relaxer/perm on my hair and usually it's so hard to manage without one...the katuri (Hairgrow) is making it manageable enough where I can comb right through it without any problem "

" My mom took off her braids and had a patch, within one week of using, I couldnt see the difference between that and the rest of her head. "

Acne Serum & Acne Wash

"On Father's Day we got to our destination and realized that for the first time in 10 years, I was out (somewhere other than errands!) without any foundation on! And in pictures my skin looked great. I still have some red marks (previous acne scars) but the absence of "active" acne is such a wonderful thing!!"

"my mom tried some of my acne wash and loves it... she's gonna switch over from proactiv"

"I am very happy with my products - I don't think I've had a new pimple in over 2 weeks and my scars do seem to be lightening plus the overall feel of my skin is improved. And this is mainly from the acne wash (which I now love!) and the acne blend and acne scars."

Eye Wrinkle Eraser

"the eye wrinkle eraser seems to be working well. I even put some on my squinting wrinkle between my eyebrows and think I see results!'

Lash Lengthener
"I love the lash lengthener. I've already noticed a significant difference!"

Tummy Tucker
"Well, I am not really to for sure if its from me working so hard at the gym(I just started going to the gym about 4 weeks ago) or actually using that oil. I really think its a combination of both. "

"I use the tummy tightener oil every morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed.It amazes me just a nickel size amount goes along way on the tummy. It has a really relaxing smell to it."

"I had a little extra skin that would hang over my pants after I had my baby and since using the Tummy Tuck Extra it is all gone, my stomach is flat again!! I absolutely love it! "

Active Stretchmarks Reducer

"I've even used Strivectin for my stretchmarks and was really disappointed that I didnt get the help I thought I would. I tried (your product) a year later, and was really happy to see them fading in 2 weeks"
"I had to look at your website, after seeing how good Brittny's (my daughter) strechmarks looked (in 1 and 1/2 week). I cant wait to get the stuff I ordered"

Surestop to Eczema
I quit using the Sure Stop on myself and the eczema around my eyes came back. So I tried it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke and it worked again! I am so happy with it!"

'(I use ) exzema jelly when we're out and about. Thanks again, you're making great products"

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