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Losing Tummy fat, the Coconut Colon Cleanse Way!

DIY Cleanse: Lose Lbs, Reduce Fat, Natural Ingredients, cost 10$ 

A Complete, Natural Cleanse made according to a 2000yr old Ayurved guideline + Western know how + Current research to offset side-effects

II DIY Procedure: Esther's Mini Coconut Colon Cleanse

Ayurved Guideline: Ingesting sufficient quantity of dried coconut followed by a natural laxative clears the colon.(indicated for Children).

1. After Dinner I ate - 1 dry coconut, made into pieces.
Dry Coconut has a sweeping motion, and chock full of enzymes to clean up the intestines. 

from cook
2. Standard Dosage of Psyllium Husk
A glass of water and 2 tbsp .
Laxative to release everything that Coconut cleared up.
This is the husk, you could substitute Metamucil - see below
Both these items come from Asian stores. Substitute as you find convenient. use natural over bottled cleanses, atleast you are in control.

Over 6 days/ nights I lost about 15lb-
I went from XL sweat pants to a snug fit M . More energy, cravings down, sugars down.

To offset side-effects of Colon Cleanse, these are My Value Add that have to be added.

3. 64 Fl.Oz. Fresh-squeezed Lime Juice throughout the Day
To hydrate, as well as energizing. Limes are  chockful of vitamins, much more than lemons. Fresh squeezed will capture all the benefits of the fruit.  


I reduced my intake to half on one particular day, and had terrible stomach cramps. I hastily drank the rest , and it subsided immediately.

4. Sweetened with Stevia, you don't want a sugar overload now!!
This is the one I used - it has no bitter aftertaste that the c/s dry herb has.
Synthetic sweeteners, aspartame, no-nos

5. Double Dose of probiotics
Since all the bacteria are going to be swept away, it is necessary to repopulate. During the course of this cleanse, double the dose of probiotics. This is what I used.

Ayurvedic Coconut Colon Cleanse =  Dry Coconut + Psyllium HuskMy value add-
Copious quantity Fresh Lemon Juice (re-hydration), + Probiotics (re-population).

Why I made this
Coconut Colon Cleanse was made to Lose Weight Very very Fast.
A desperate situation called for desperate measures: battling knee Osteo-arthritis with 3-4 painkillers/ day. With 2 kids under 3, I needed something completely natural, and would quickly let me get back to caring. (See other arthritis posts including Living without Aleve Checklist  and a special Joint Pain Relief with Plai, a Thai massage )
This was years before Island Vibrance Coconut Cleanse Supplement. Who Am I?

That's it. The rest of the post explains the ingredients and process in words.
Have questions, drop me a line at
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The Ingredients

Dry Coconut

Coconut is packed with enzymes specific to cleaning up stomach & intestines plus a lot of fiber to sweep up ( what goes into a off-the shelf Cleanse.)
Laxative- Natural Psyllium Husk
To Hydrate -Lime Juice + Stevia.  Lime, (not Lemon) juice has a load of beneficial properties, figuring prominently in Ayurved, and other alternate medicines.
Don't substitute kool aid- do it right, do it natural.
There are dozens of reasons to not use synthetic ingredients, color, fragrance WHEN you want it to be really beneficial, and not for the look of the thing.

But if you are smaller, probably lesser results.

The Procedure
After dinner I ate
1. 1 dry coconut (from Asian stores, the whole nut or pieces, NOT the toasted, dessicated variety)
Toasting may lose properties to heat.

Cut in pieces and chew- much softer than jerky, but may get a toothache. Some have a sweet, nutty flavor, some bland.
It can also be grated, but I prefer pieces of it watching my favorite soap. (Yep, arthritis doesn't let you do much!)
1 piece can also keep a 2 and 1/2 yr old quiet for a while :)

2. 2 Tbsp Psyllium husk - $3 Indian store as Isapgol, Isabgol.
Added to stevia-sweetened lemon-juice - no Sugar overload .
Else Metamucil (Walmart $6), is processed to keep the major fiber. Take a standard dose, 1 tsp - or the biscuits.

3. 64oz Lemon Juice per 24 hours, fresh squeezed, for beneficial properties, sweetened with Stevia
Hydration is very very very important, keep energy levels up, vitamins, enzymes, etc.- read about lemons benefits on this health site.  Reduces cravings, appetite.

(I got bugged and reduced this water content to half on day 6 & had painful stomach cramps, which went away after drinking more liquid)

4. 6 days/nights.
It may help to chew the coconut throughout the day, rather than only nights, because your jaw will hurt..

Double Dose of Probiotics -  Very Important.

Cleanse removes a lot of bacteria from the gut, so you have to repopulate the good guys. Or you're in BIG trouble (and the reason not everyone spins Ayurved).
Do not skimp. Take double dose on bottle for all 6 days. 
In India, look at Darolac which has live bacteria strains

Post-Cleanse Benefits
  1.  Energy levels up,  
  2.  lost 30-40% fat around stomach, 
  3. A lot of weightloss (not just water) that I did NOT put back, in the next 6 months
  4. all giving Lesser joint painMy Original GOAL. But hey, the stomach helped..
The 3rd time I did the Cleanse, I lost 3-4 lb (probably lesser toxins)

Importance of firming

I had 2 major de-motivators as I lost weight : Sagging Skin on Face and Stomach- I stopped trying to reduce after seeing how bad I could look.
Orchid Facial Serum for picking up the Face and Tummy Tucker Xtra for the Stomach is what I regularly had to use. The others were addons. But these two were essentials

Anytime you plan on losing weight I highly recommend Firming Creams/Lotions even before starting, it gets very depressing. Acai-Orchid Daily Moisturiser- for arms and legs.

Alternatives that could also work I think to a lesser extent

1. Eating Coconut oil.
I have heard about eating coconut oil as a daily healthy supplement to lose weight and a slimming aid.
 I have tried it myself over with a full 16oz jars- maybe 1-2 months- I have felt healthier, better metabolism, but not where it made a lot of difference on the scale.

Upto 1/4 cup of coconut oil can come from 1 fruit.

I do believe that it is the fiber that is full of the cleaning enzymes which is more beneficial.

2. Eating Fresh coconut.
You'd still have to eat a whole coconut's worth or possibly more.
Dried fruits have more concentrated minerals worth in them
1 dry fig is more nutritional than a fresh fig. .

Ok Thats it.
Congratulations for making it soooo far.

do you have queries or comments? post here or email us
If you are going to do this, take some time to read and understand effects of colon cleanses.
Side-effects turned up on the 6th day because I had drunk only half the lemon juice intake - hurriedly googled and added water very very quickly.
7th Day, diarhea-like symptoms (normal as listed in packaged colon cleanses), no repeat issues after stopping.

1. A few inches lost around the tummy, handlebars. Even the first morning, there was a HUGE difference
2. A total stop to cravings for sugar & chocolate immediately after, increased later, but not so much.
3. Size change went from XL Sweatpants to a snug M.
4. Fat loss, about 20% visually.
5. Fasting Sugar levels dropped 30 points
6. WeightLoss - a biggie- unbelievable if I didnt see it.
At the time I did this procedure, I hated the scale, so didnt know what I weighed. But had a Doc's weigh-in 3-4 months before.
Morning 1 was 5lb less than doc's weight.
From Morning 1 to Morning 7, there was a 15+ lb loss.
 So I'd say, offhand, a loss of 20 lb on a total body weight of 200+ lb.

Every morning, there was lesser weight loss than the day before.
If you are starting from a healthy, clean system, not a post-pregnancy body, these numbers may vary a lot.


Before Cleanse. After 4 times- also exercise, diet, eating healthy, etc.

Jan 2015

 I was not one of the lucky few who bounce back. I had a lot of health issues, no personal trainers, not many friends who encouraged me. I did it by myself.
Most Moms don't get the support they need anyways.
So, really, keep aside others' needs, and take care of yourselves, for some time each day.

I stay on the downward curve with exercise & eating healthy and 1-2 times a year Coconut Cleanse.

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My Motivators are those who make fun of me- seriously.
My tips for you-
What you have accomplished as a person , as a Mom is amazing.
Value what you are no matter what anyone compares you to.
There's better chance of you losing weight than them being ashamed of themselves.
 Keep your mind on doing it, but take it at your own pace. Can-do Attitude is everything.

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Any questions, post here!


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  2. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

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  3. Hello do you add water to the lemon juice?

  4. Jungle Julia,
    Yes, 1/4 to 1/2 of lemon squeezed into 1 glass of water.
    For convenience, you could try the Minute maid frozen concentrate- I think thats the only one thats 100% natural but there could be more. A few drops to taste.
    When I ran out of lemons, I couldnt drink that amount of water!
    write me a line if you try it out.

  5. I was wondering if I could use organic shreddered coconut? It is already cut into pieces? I am too lazy to figure out how to open a

    Thank you for the info Ester...I plan on starting the cleanse this week! I am very excited!

    1. The Puritan's Pride website offers a few dried coconut options - dried coconut slices (with the skin still on), dried coconut chips, or dried and diced coconut. I think the last option would be the best since it is already in a chewable, bite-sized form. Hope this helps.

  6. Hey Julia,
    Organic sounds awesome, your body doesnt have to deal with pesticides!
    I only think it shouldnt be toasted, as heating removes natural properties, but whether it does so for the coconut, I dont know.

    However, ayurvedic /unani texts I've read always mention Raw dry coconut, so if its toasted, you may not (or may!) get the same results.

    The texts mention also raw coconut with a spoonful of poppy seeds/ black cumin as excellent for the circulation.

    I believe blood is also purified with it, but havent had the time to go back and study more.

    I am excited for you! and I look forward to hearing about how it worked for you.

  7. hi..looking forward to trying this, but could you please explain exactly how to do it? do i start after dinner w/ coconut & psyllium husk & just drink lemon h2o for the rest of the days? i'd appreciate any help. also, i could only find shaved dried coconut so i dont know what amount to eat of it. thank you so much..jen

  8. Hi,
    you got it right.. to an extent
    Eat coconut w psylliun husk Every night.
    Drink lemon water Every day.

    As for the shaved coconut, Maybe about 1&1/2 to 2 cups?. It is a large amount.
    I'm estimating that 1 dry coconut weighs about 300-400gms, more than 1/2 lb.

    Do tell if you try!

  9. I am wondering if you think the lemon juice drink could be replaced with cocunut water?

    1. I suppose it could, at that.
      Coconut water is a natural electrolyte, with natural sugars & salts.
      The Lemon juice provides a large amount of Vitamin C, which reduces fatigue- but maybe a koolaid can be added to supplement.

  10. Thanks for sharing but 1 point is not clear that how a lemon juice replace by a coconut water.

    1. Theoretically-
      Lemon juice is to avoid dehydration, + additional vit C which prevents fatigue from dehydration.
      Coconut water is a natural electrolyte, preventing dehydration.
      So can replace the lemon juice.
      Quantity- as per body weight.

  11. All I could find was quick frozen coconut slices at our Indian you think that will work and what amount would you recommend? Thanks for your help!

  12. Lex,
    I'm sorry, haven't been monitoring comments- you can talk to me on Facebook, coz I'm there most of the time.

    I did publish your comment but it hasn't shown up.
    Re: Fresh Coconut.
    The research I did talked about the dry coconut fibre like a broom, sweeping away debris. So I think that fresh coconut would definitely be less effective. But, the Coconut itself has properties to help, so Fresh Coconut is better than nothing.
    Also, there is an extra ingredient that goes along with the Dry Coconut- if you like, you can eat Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus at Indian store) along with the COconut, they are a bit hard to grind, you may need a coffee grinder. These too, help to "brush away" debris and detox.

    Lastly, Using Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil also aids in the process of losing Tummy fat, which basically means to detoxify.
    I ate about 2 tbsp per day in a Shake, for about 2-3 months, and it definitely seemed beneficial. Do read on using this ingredient, a lot of people have done it.

    Hope that helps.

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  15. Awesome post, all the given information is so informative for us; I really appreciated from your information.Total Cleanse diet is a customizable program designed to detoxify the body through a variety of fresh, high quality juices

  16. A chart would be helpful to see detailed instructions in one location. I want to be clear of amounts, times and replacing good bacteria. I also want to understand what eating habits are appropriate through the process

  17. Chart would be helpful to understand all instructions in greater details, I.e. quantities, times, schedule, foods to eat during clense, and replacement of good probiotics. Thank you

  18. Coconut is really a miracle plant. It has a lot of benefits contributed to medicine. Coconut has been very important for me since I was young. It was primarily the reason I was able to recover from my UTI without staying for too long in hospitals. Now that it is proven to help cleanse the colon then you wouldn't have to go daily to holistic clinics.

  19. Your ideas are very useful. I would like to share some more homemade detox cleanse methods which you can use easily.

  20. I can assure you of one thing: coconut oil is IMMENSELY healthy and it does help you lose pounds when it is done right (which is important). Even in the ancient times, Hawaiian people already knew it to have healing properties. I think coconut oil is really a must if you want to take the most of all those coconut enzymes and minerals. Or if you care for your health in general, for that matter. And I'll tell you why: because coconut oil stands out among the rest. What really shocked me not a long time ago is that the majority of so called "healthy oils" are NOT healthy in fact. Canola oil, soybean oil and many others - they consist either of GMO or potentially harmful compounds. We're literally surrounded by nutritional myths - you'll be surprised at how unhealthy all those oils are. Unlike them, coconut oil REALLY gives you health: it's a powerful detox, it's great for a healthy heart, healthy skin, for losing weight naturally. But, as I said earlier, it HAS to be prepared right - different coconut oils have different properties altogether! If you want to learn more about the benefits of coconut oil AND methods to use it, click here.


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