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Anti-aging Facial Kit: Get a Youthful Look in a half hour. Elixir of Beauty

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Product cost $40.
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This product is available in India. See Vegan Facial Kit
Elixir of Beauty: Anti-Aging Facial Kit
Elixir of Beauty: Step-by-step procedure of Facial Treatment Kit to take care of several concerns of an aging Face: smooth away wrinkles, tighten and lighten skin, reduce blemishes, etc..
See Visible Signs of an Aging Face.

Procedure for Treatment
Step 1: Cleanse & Lighten
Apply Ultra Glow Soap on face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes before wiping or washing off.
Acts like a Cleanser and Natural Bleach. (Natural lightening effect, no bleaching chemicals)
Step 1: Cleanse and Lighten. Mini Soap Truffles give 20-30 uses. Soap color may vary. 

Step 2: Polish Skin
Take a tiny scoop of Blueberry Seed Polish, apply a few drops of water, Rose Water or any liquid and scrub gently for 5-10 minutes.
Depending on skin condition, use a tiny amount of any oil or massage cream and keep gently scrubbing again and again. The natural grains in the Polish not only give a fine, polished look, but also act as a gentle Peel without the chemicals, removing discoloration, folds on top skin layers.
.End result is a naturally renewed, youthful looking, fresh skin. Slightly oily (ingredients 100% natural oils, herbs & beeswax only) as there is no water and will counteract any dryness from Soap.
Wash off or wipe off with tissue or soft cloth after a few minutes.
Step 2: Blueberry Seed Polish & Step 3: Beauty Secret Masque.
Demonstrable results.

Beauty Secret Masque
Intensely Tightens, Detoxifies, clarifies inner skin layers.
Take a tiny pinch, mix with water, and apply as a thin layer on face.
Wash off after 15 mins.

Step 4
Use a tiny dab of Pure Rose Crème overnight to maintain clear, beautiful skin for a long time. 4g will last upto 2months of daily usage. Use 2-3 times per week is optimal.

Elixir of Beauty Anti-Aging Facial Kit
3 jars (Polish 650, Masque 650, Overnight Rose Creme 900)
1 Soap 250
2 mini spatulas
1 mini brush for mask.
2 Free Samples as avl (see below).
Indian Pricing  2400/- 
US (to be updated)

Also Sold Separately
Ultra Glow Soap 
Blueberry Seed Polish
Beauty Secret Masque
Pure Rose Crème with Bulgarian Rose Oil
Larger Sizes available for all products.

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