Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year 2015 Resolutions: Entrepreneurs- What it Takes to Start Anew- to Move the Impossible

Impossible is a relative word... 
10 years ago, doing 20 things at the same time was Impossible.
Now doing 200 is.
In other words,
The definition of Impossible, has been moved.
How does one move the Impossible?
As we grow older, we move more things-
Youth & Beauty moved 20,
Age & Experience moves 200.

It does mean, 200 things have been started without seeing one finish.
Is that a good thing?
Isn't it better to start only something you can finish?
Well, how experienced are you?
Can you actually get away with not starting so many things? If you can, you are young.- :)

There are people who Start very few things, because they think they can't finish it.
Then there are the Entrepreneurs who Start, thinking they can, but eventually cant finish it.
The first one may be called negative, the second one impractical.
To be an Entrepreneur who can start and keep at it, you have to be both Positive, and Practical.
You have to positively identify the Potential of your undertaking- and be Practical enough to realize the Potential.
If something has Potential, you can risk time and effort on it. If you can't bring it to fruition, its ok, eventually, you can find someone else who can..
Your job is to identify the Potential.
And to start it.
Starting something New comes with risks.
Midway through, one finds that things have changed since you started,
and Now,
 you must either Learn Something New
or Give Up.

And when you have started with 200 things, you must, parallely, learn 200 things and relate them to each other as you go on.
It is true that one cannot start something New without courage,
Once started, a different rule comes into place.
It is then, necessary, to think of the Learning process as beneficial in order to keep it moving.towards the End that is envisioned.
Success in an endeavor does not come until the Learning that is necessary to succeed has been learnt.

This New Year, as we plan on
things to take forward,
things to start over
things to give another chance to..
Let us remember that, midway through, when we realize the effort needed-
to not back down from our resolution.

Make a resolution to remember that
when the going gets Tough,
the Tough get going.
Lets get that New Year Going.

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