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Detox & Brush Winter Skin Away- Quick Fix for Dry, Scaly, Itchy Skin. Get Smooth, Nourished Skin Instantly.

Quick Fix for Ultra-Dry, Scaly, Itchy Winter Skin
For Skin that is Smooth to the touch, silky, the envy of everyone in winter

Many Spas / Salons offer Dry-Brushing these days- 
Dry Brushing is a superb way to exfoliate, increase circulation, assist the lymphatic system and make you feel energized. Read benefits of Dry Skin Brushing here.
DIY Method

When15 minutes before a warm bath/shower.

What you need.
  1. Good quality COLD-pressed oil, about 50-100ml. Keep a bottle close by.
  2. A Body brush with natural bristles, sea-sponge, or loofah (preferably not nylon poufs)
  3. Essential oils of choice
  4. A warm, closed room

1. Prepare the Oil by warming the bottle in a bowl of hot water
2. Add Essential Oils to the bowl of warm oil (Optional, but extra beneficial to the lymphatic system)
3. Apply it all over your body.
4. Brush all over, moistening the brush with oil periodically.  Below are lymph drainage directions.
5. Warm shower.

1. Preparing the Oil
Mildly warm the oil by putting a bottle of oil into hot water. Do not warm oil directly as oils lose their nourishing properties when heated.
Making a Rose-infused Coconut oil
I prefer the Cold-pressed Sesame (Til) as it is lighter, less expensive, and leaves a non-oily coating over skin. Look for an economical oil, as you will be using quite a bit.

Coconut oil is will not wash off completely, leaving a thicker coating. If your skin is extremely dry, you can use this.
Using Cold pressed (Kachi Gani) oils will be most beneficial to your skin
 I made a  rose-infused Coconut oil one Summer, and would use this in winter as soon as I stepped OUT of the bath. Smooth, fragranced skin! An out-of-the-bath- experience.
Try harnessing the sun -and feel warm and sunkist in winter.

2. Selecting Essential oils (Optional)
Add a few drops of almost any essential oil to enhance the process, provide healing and refreshment to the body, to make skin activate itself.
I rarely use any preparation unless I’ve added value to it in terms of an extra natural ingredient or two.

Select pure essential oils, not fragrances, not potpourri section, Not blossom kocchar, nyassa, jain, young living or terrafirma- umm - there is a huge list of nots.

Lavender is most common. You may also try Peppermint, Fennel. I’d suggest 1 drop of blue Eucalyptus (Nilgiri Tel), if you are sure of purity, use 1 drop and mix well. Check how it feels on skin in 5 minutes, before you apply all over.
Try something creative -get some Geranium at the Homeopathy store, or some Calendula, to add to this mix. Even if they are in tincture form, their essence will be incorporated into the mix..

For a Firming/ Toning Blend, I use a combination of 2-3 oils at one time of Basil, Fennel, Turmeric, Saffron, Rosewood, Frankincense and Lavender- all beneficial for lymphatic drainage, and as a result help with toning.

3. Mix well, preferably shake in a bottle when using essential oils. Apply the oil all over, leaving 4-5 tbsp of oil to apply as you go along.

4. Body Brush with natural bristles or sponge.
Excellent for exfoliation of all the dead cells. A large handle will help difficult-to-reach areas like the back. Your skin will need a bit of getting used to this- so try using it on one area of your feet/ legs by mildly brushing, feeling it, and seeing how smooth skin feels after..
If too abrasive, try a Sea-sponge brush like the round one in a picture, or a Face  Sponge, even.
Sit comfortably and take extra care to brush neglected areas like backs of arms, legs, toes.
The brush with knobby things (other side) is great for cellulite areas.  Lets do another post on that..

Directions to brush for optimum lymph circulation. The most important aspect of dry-brushing is the detox- this will keep your skin healthy.
5. After Brushing, take a short, warm shower. Use very mild soap, like Pears with higher glycerin content, or use one of the natural, handmade soaps from small businesses, (who can't remove the glycerineand sell it elsewhere)
6. Voila!
You have new energy, your skin looks fresh and clear, if you’ve used good essential oils, it is also firmer and you are slimmer, your lymph system has a kick, you have the luxurious feeling of fresh indulgence – all in all - 
You feel like a million bucks!
Skin will be Repenished & Nourished by our Natural Skin Care Treatments, see Holistic Serums


  1. Your skin will need a bit of getting used to this- so try using it on one area of your feet/ legs by mildly brushing, feeling it, and seeing what it does.-holistic detox spa-

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