Monday, April 13, 2009

Product Review- Natural Hairgrow Serum- Grows Hair, Reduces Bald Patches, Darkens grey Hair

Our Bestseller Natural Hair & Scalp Serum (prev Natural Hairgrow Serum,) has been recently launched in India, available as part of hair restoring and hair darkening treatment
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Dye-free and Chemical-free, it is gaining popularity in India for its ability to darken grey hair,
 whereas here, in the US, is aimed to reduce hairloss, close small/recent bald patches due to braids, etc. and for lengthening hair, especially by people of African & Asian races.

It acts as a Hair tonic- application to silver/grey hair causes almost immediate darkening to a very small but noticeable degree. This darkening does not wash out and with subsequent applications, hair is naturally darkened to original color.

Case Study 1 : Sensational!

Mrs.J, 76 yrs old, F, unable to apply dyes for grey hair because of problems with hypertension when hairdyes were previously applied. About 50% of visible hair is grey-white, multiple bald patches in head 1-4 inches in diameter which were present for ovr 10 yrs
She has been using the Serum sporadically over a period of 6months, applying to hair & scalp, 1-2 times in a fortnight, 30-60 mins before washing hair. Total applications about 12-14

After 6months, Hair is 90% Dark Black, 10% grey remaining around edges of face, Closure of all patches, most 60-70% closed, a few 90%. Scalp in the remaining bald patches which used to be smooth like an eggshell, now grainy with opening of pores. Hair is vital and nourished when previously it had lost bounce and vitality.
Length of hair increased by 7-8 inches, previously hair had not been growing over many years. Regular Hairloss reduced by 70-80%
Our most avid customers are her neighbours and friends who have seen this sensational results!
See Mrs. J's Video for Grey Hair darkening

Case Study 2
Mrs. S P, 62, 90% of visible silver-grey hair, due to minor surgery, unsafe to apply hairdye.
Applied Hairserum all over hair, visible immediate results in haircolor change by about 20-30% changed to light-dark grey, so that visible grey hair seemed to be 70-80% grey.
Subsequent applications showed increased darkening which did not wash out.

Maintenance for darkening grey hair may generally be required at about 1-2 applications in 1-2 months after about 5-10 applications depending on user.
It gently turns grey hair back to original color-  black, brown, blonde, redhead,
By turning into a natural distinguished grey, and further.
 It is not a dye, and no color is left on fingertips as can be seen in video.

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