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Skinny on the Tummy- Multipronged approach for a trimmer belly

A trim Tummy is a most desirable object for Moms-

And while a wrap dress is the best camouflage, here's the Skinny on the Stomach.
If you understand your stomach inside-out, you will be able to keep it under control.
Stomach: composed of multiple layers of
1. Fat (2 types)
2. Muscles (Inner Muscles + External visible muscles)
3. Skin (Elasticity, Collagen issues)

So a Trim belly = exercise + diet + Skin Firming Products

Lets do this one by one.
1. Exercise
Core exercise strengthen the inner muscles and the Back, and in time, tones external muscles.
The best way to a trim tummy is to have strong core muscles.

A good exercise regimen needs to include exercises for upper abs & lower abs - best results come with a combination of rotation motion along with crunch type exercises

I find the best exercise are Pilates, HeavyHands .

If you havent been a mom, Crunches give great results - since your core muscles have not been weakened by carrying extra weight for 9 months.
But if you are a mom, you need to spend time to strengthen your core, and then all the exercises will work for you.

It is  also possible to have Trim Stomach Muscles which can't be seen because of the covering fat layers. For this, Diet & aerobic activity is necessary to burn the fat layers.

But not all tummy fat can be reduced, because of inefficient exercise.
To exercise the Tummy efficiently , a strong back is mandatory.
Cheat- Get a good Back support belt and exercise tummy only when wearing it The money spent on a good one will pay dividends that dont come from a gym!
(Couple of exercises at bottom)

2. Diet -
Eat foods that increase metabolism on a daily basis- there is interesting research on Grapefruit, which I hope to post on later.

Coconut, Turmeric (see other posts) and many natural foods will help metabolize the fats which the Stomach likes to store :)
Consider adding a Fat Burning Supplement for a short period, say a few weeks, when you can plan to exercise regularly.

The fat cells  in an individual’s body and placement depends on hormones such as insulin, testosterone, and estrogen. Once puberty is over, the fat cells you have remain forever. Your fat cells only multiply if you reach 200% of what your body weight should be, which, most of us don't ever do.
However, fat cells can expand enormously. Each and every one of them can get bigger as your body stores more fat in them.

Anything that causes Insulin Spike can lead to more fat storage.
Not just Candy and sugar, Bread, potatoes, carrots, corn—anything which has a high glycemic index—can increase fat storage. Excess intake of these items can cause excess fat.
So keep these under control in a specific period of time when you are focused on losing fat/weight/inches

3 Skin
It is the part of the abdomen you can see.
 It looks depressing when it has lost its ability to spring back after being stretched out.

Skin is constantly replenishing itself.
The top layer of skin is called the epidermis.
Below the epidermis is the dermis, with oil glands, nerves, capillaries, and sweat glands and the much desired collagen and elastin, which give skin its springiness. Without collagen and elastin, skin feels like crepe paper and would have no give to it. We tend to lose elastin and collagen as we age, which is why skin gets thinner and looser as we get older. Healthy younger skin is able to stretch out and then spring back to its original shape.

If your skin is stretched out, hangs loosely, and has not bounced back after several months, chances are it needs some help to bounce back.
 Loose, excess skin can be firmed with 2 of our products

3. Slimming Products:
2 of our Body Rejuvenators are helful for a shapely tummy.

 Unique Tummy Tucker Serum, helps increase collagen & elastin content & reduces excess skin (only skin) to give a straighter silhouette. Use overnight to feel smoother, firmer skin by morning.

Trimming Mask-(fats and skin)
 is a Body Mask, and works similar to a Body Wrap and helps tighten skin around the stomach. You can apply as is, or for best results, wrap with saran wrap for 15 minutes. An immediate change is noticeable, and may show results in upto 3 days as the body emulsifies and flushes fats & toxins.
It is composed like a Multi-Clay Mask, along with natural ingredients of Kelp, Dead Sea Salts, Caffeine, Turmeric, Grapfruit Essential oil + others to Streamline.

Read our great ebay feedback!

These are kind of modified from Heavyhands which is by far my favorite exercise to reduce fat on the tummy/ lovehandles and surrounding areas.

1. Lie down, Fold one knee up, put the other foot over hte folded knee.
Twist to crunch towards the foot with arms at about 30 degree angle.
Once you've got the position correclty, pick up your weights (I use 1.5lb, use cans, etc- less is better until you know how strong your back/tummy is)
Crunch 5-10 times each side.

2. Lie down and cycle feet and corresponding arm (not altrnate arm).
When you move left foot inwards, move weighted left hand like a bicep curl- when you move left foot down, move arm back to a straight position without setting it down.
Same for the opposite arm
Remember to be slow- so its not the momentum carrying the weight but your muscles.
Do only a few for the first 3 days. Dont ovredo it until you know your capacity- very important for thoes with lower back issues or sagging tummy muscles.

Preferable use a backsupport belt (8-12 inches thick)

Do stretching exercises for the tummy-
 a Pelvic wave which is like a wave motion starting from the bottom of pelvis, going backward through the hips and ending in a wave motion through stomach is extremely relaxing for belly and back .

Helpful if you do some kind of leg exercises before tummy exercises in order to warm up the tummy muscles

Here's some helpful info

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